Article: The Art of Deep Listening

Clint Eastwood listens to records at his home in 1959.
(CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images


Love the sentiment, but don’t think I’ll take advice from Mr. Eastwood! Loved his early movies and then he kind of went way off the rails.

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Kinda? Lol

De gustibus. I don’t think Clint has made a bad film.

Anyhow. It’s just nice to see a mainstream outlet suggest that music is anything but a background event.

As to Clint? I just loved the photograph.


I think this fellow knew how to enjoy some music



Seriously cool music, particularly jazz, has crept into the score of some of his films and was a central theme in one: Play Misty for Me. Not a coincidence.


Mr. Eastwood is a musician, composer, and audiophile. He wrote the scores to at least a half-dozen of his films. There is a scoring stage named after him. He received an honorary doctorate from the Berklee College of Music.

The man has chops.


I also understood he owned one of the largest private Jazz LP collections in the world. I think a fire destroyed many of his LPs. Not sure what the article discusses, behind a paywall for me.

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And according to a cousin, a model who did a photo shoot with him shortly after he landed the Rawhide gig, a very nice guy. It’s been over a half century, but as I recall the proofs were terrific.

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Try this?

I tend to delete the tracking stuff, but I guess that sometimes frees it from the paywall.