Assessing Incoming Power Quality

Other than buy and try, are there ways to assess / monitor incoming power quality to judge if a system would benefit from a regenerator? And as I write this I wonder if I’m stumbling into another measurements vs listening pissing contest…


I ran dedicated lines (10AWG stranded for Audio Equipment & 12AWG Romex/solid for the TV/Computer Crap/Peripherals). Absolutely no noise issues no matter what time of the day.

A friend suggested an isolation Transformer versus ReGenerator (cause everyone hates Paul - why I have no clue). Thankfully I don’t need either. Bought the Cornwall IV’s gently used instead.

My assessment is have a licensed Electrician run a dedicated 10AWG stranded/20A circuit to your Audio rig first. Then decide.

just my 2 cents…

You can check the incoming voltage with a multi- meter. Mine was low. You can get a ground check thing at Home Depot too, but I’m unaware of anything that will check incoming THD.

While you are at it with your electrician, don’t stop at one 20 amp feed, and consider a spare for future expansion. Just a thought. Fluke makes a power quality measurement device, that possibly could be rented locally. Based on the initial cost I do not recommend purchasing a unit.

Fluke Power Quality Analyzer


Thanks much for the rental idea. I’ll check.

Foolproof way to know is to try a regenerator. If your ears say no, return it.
(And the meters on the regen will describe your power)

Just remember to add in the return po$t should a Power Plant not meet your needs. Still a worthy idea but the measurement capabilities of the Power Plants are pretty rough IME. If you want measurements the Fluke would be the foolproof way to go. If you want sonic improvement regardless of measurements skip the Fluke as there are many options on the market P15/P20 Power Plants, Shunyayta Everest, Niagra 3000/5000/7000, Puritan PSM 156,…

Is the sound quality of your system fluctuating during the day? Does it sound the best late at night? Then you need a power plant.

Thank much all. At this point I’m not responding to any SQ shortcomings that I’ve noticed. It’s as much curiosity as anything partly fueled by the current sale but nothing I need to jump on. Right now everything is plugged into a Panamax MR4000 purchased more as a surge protector as anything. Just wondering if there is something better suited to the task and if there’s some way to measure to see if there’s even any power conditions that need attention.
I’m a bit of a neophyte so much of the current quest is just setting up a good basic system that’s capable of reproducing what my ear isn’t yet tuned to. Power protection is a basic system requirement. Measuring wall out vs Panamax out to see if either or both might be doing harm is where I’m at.

Also, If you have a smart meter from your electric provider, they can be quite noisy.