Audience Front Row USB Cable

My Audience Front Row USB cable arrived today. I took a few pictures and powered down my Euphony Server. I carefully disconnected the Shunyata Sigma USB cable and replaced it with the Audience cable to my Matrix. Out of the box it sounds really good. I won’t hazard a guess as to how it compares to the Sigma two songs in. But it doesn’t suck, no sir. It sounds really good. Bye for now.

Yes it came with Deoxit.

So did you get a chance to compare the FrontRow to the WW PS 7 and Sigma?
I know it was night and day compared to the Cardas. Not even in the same ballpark.

Does it sound like the front row? I’ve never thought the front row was a desirable location


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I had been quite happy listening with the Shunyata Sigma. Now I am quite happy listening to the Audience. It might be the equal of the Sigma. Its hard to pick fave at the moment.

As for the Wireworld Platinum, that was weeks ago. I will let the Audience burn in properly and then try it against the Wireworld and the Shunyata and the Revelation Audio Labs cables.

At the moment I’d say it’s a tie between the Sigma and the Front Row, followed by the Wireworld, and then the RAL USB cable.

Okay, tonight I picked a couple of songs to listen carefully to and then swapped usb cables.

First I listened to the Audience Front Row.
Then I listened to the Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 USB.

It was very close and I’d give the Audience a very slight edge. If I owned the Wireworld I’d be comfortable hanging on to it and using the money the Audience costs elsewhere. If was shopping for a cable I would probably look at the Audience first.

But then I switched to the Shunyata Sigma USB. Oh my.
It’s staying.
No doubts.

The difference between the Wireworld and the Audience is like, one or two veils lifted, The Shunyata is a wool blanket removed.

Listen to this, ack!


I’ve this usb. And man do I digggggg it.
I do :slight_smile:
I shud have clarified - the frontrow.

I can’t afford the sigma

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I’m curious how different the new Starlight 8 fares… new Unipath geometry and Compsilex 3…

Me too. But then I wonder how $7500 USB cables effect the sound…

I have a friend who recently bought Sigma speaker cables. Now, no one can stand to be around him, with the veils lifted, the musicians in his room, etc. It’s like he’s constantly at my doorstep trying to sell me god or sobriety or gutter shields.
Next time he takes a long business trip, he’ll let me borrow them.

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Don’t do it!!!

No problem. I have strong willpower. Psshhh, yeah. I have strong willpower. hahahahaha.
I will not buy more cables. I will not buy more cables. I am Elmer Fudd, millionaire. I have a mansion and a yacht…