Audience Speaker Cables

I would love to hear anyone’s experience with Audience Front Row speaker cables.

I had the opportunity to audition the full FrontRow line from the phono cable, RCA to amp, to speaker cable. My audio guy brought them over just so I could compare. I had some decent cables custom-made for me. Really just for the perfect length. Not because I believed in the “cables matter”.

I was absolutely blown away with the FrontRow. It was not a mild difference. It was like upgrading a component in the system. We did change one cable at a time and spent time with each. The largest difference was definitely from the top down, but there was a marked improvement with each cable.

I was not planning on spending thousands of dollars on cabling. I did however order the FrontRow phono cable, Au24 SX speaker cables, and RCA. I have full intention to upgrading the other two cables to the FrontRow at some point but just could not swing it at the moment.

My base of comparison is Cardas, and Schmitt Custom Cables.

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Thanks for that!