Audio Rack.

Hi, just wanted to share a few pictures of an audio rack I just finished. Now if I could afford the rest of the PS Audio Equipment. LOL.

Apparently the pictures didn’t come through.

I suggest trying again. :slight_smile: There are a surprising number of steps and the process is not as intuitive as one might prefer.

Click on “Attachments.”

Then click on “add files” and browse to the pictures on your computer.

Then click on “start upload” and wait until the pictures are uploaded.

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Dang. Guess the file exceeds maximum allowed size. My bad.

Re-size them and try again. We are interested.

IMG_1002.JPGHa! Figured out 1 picture.

Dblj36 said

IMG_1002.JPGHa! Figured out 1 picture.

Beautiful work!

IMG_1008.JPG2 Little PS Audios. Just a little inspiration from PS Audio to build a 2 channel audio rack. The wood is Teak, Oak and Cocobolo, (nasty itchy wood). ordered a marble base for the turntable.

IMG_1004.JPGMore of a side shot. Now back to work to pay for this hobby. LOL.

Masterful work, and gorgeous!

Very, very nice!

Excellent job! Thank you for sharing - it’s great inspiration to get going on some of my projects.


Beautiful work!

Very nice indeed. My wife would love it.