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These have caught my attention, and I think maybe some of my friends here might get a kick out of these albums/articles. These have been mentioned in some old Steve Hoffman threads…

Anyway, enjoy, and I can’t wait to read what you think, though surely some of you are well aware of these articles and comparisons. If you’re like me, you’ll read about the albums that mean the most to you first. Think there are maybe 10-15 articles/albums. The articles are long and good reads.

Some albums: What’s Going On, So, Aja, Big Chair…


Nice find.


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There are a few cases where I have the runner-up, tbh. I want these versions to be more identifiable in Roon/Qobuz. Sometimes they are…

There is a second page…2 pages of articles.

Good choices for the slim pick’ins…there is plenty of room to grow, but tell me this isn’t solid work.

I’m in no way affiliated, or otherwise profiting from this post.



You can skip to the end pretty easily. That’s where the gravy tends to be. In fact, I’ve sometimes started there and then worked my way up.

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Oh yes, so many words…but indeed the story behind the recordings and making of the releases, which takes the most space, is mostly very interesting.

The detailled discussion of the releases is partly also interesting to know, but the main problem is, he’s a digital guy and just compares with the vinyl original. Most of those recordings sound much better on their LP reissues…but he writes for digital listeners and for those it can be very helpful. For example I also think the rare Steve Hoffman CD of Aja is the best digital one…it’s just beaten by two other vinyl releases.

I just yesterday listened to various Tom Waits releases in various vinyl and digital variants and it really turns out, one can’t listen to Tom waits on digital media (exaggerated). The right vinyl reissues and originals are extremely better in this case.

The article on The Best Version Of… Donald Fagen’s The Nightfly, must have taken longer to write then it took Fagen to record.


War and Peace is also long, but worth reading.

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Surely you are not comparing the two.

Please be reasonable.

I’m gonna check which version of Aja I have now.

I suppose I could think of some witty response, but I think my time would be better spent in our garden. The grape vines are out of control.

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You wouldn’t be able to keep up with me anyway. Go do the things you like. If that’s gardening or whatever, I just could not care less.

I read the Nightfly article a few months ago and really enjoyed it. It’s longer than most of the internet reading I do, but we’ll worth it.

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In what is likely an indisputable indication of nerdom, I have read War and Peace twice (two different translations and for two different undergrad classes). I enjoyed it both times.


OK, that’s all done now. The vines were out of control.

While I was gone I also vacuum sealed the filet’s of five 5lb Sockeyes and got them into the freezer.

On top of that I prepped dinner. I seasoned some fantastic coppa chops that came from a Red Wattle a friend raises. They raise them in a hazelnut grove. Tasty critters. I also prepped some peaches by halving them, rubbed with olive oil, salt and some coconut sugar. These roast quickly, so I won’t start them until the chops are resting. There’s also a pound or so of Ranier cherries that have been tossed in olive oil and salt. They are fantastic grilled until they just become yielding. I have a perforated wok with a long handle that I use for this. Lastly, salad from the garden. Nothing fancy, just some Flashy Trout lettuce (my personal favorite), sliced breakfast radish, and some green onion. I haven’t decided on dressing, but am open to suggestion.

I almost forgot that I marinated the collars of the Sockeyes in some Mirin, Sake, and Tamari. I may save them for lunch tomorrow for some sort of salad. I may walk up to the fish market and get some seaweed and purslane to go with it.

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Please take it to PMs, guys.


I need to start a food topic. Tonight’s rotisserie chicken was fantastic.