"Audioscience" (UK) why?

I have a very healthy PS power and pre/dac. They sound great, and am upgrading to a pair of M700’s soon. Why then does the website “Audioscience” not recommend a lot of PS products… I am just wondering, it does not bother me, I (and everyone else, judge with their ears

I haven’t read their review of the M700s, so I can’t say for sure, but I suspect PSA products may fail to meet some measurement threshold of theirs, and measurements are all they care about.


The M700’s are a wonderful sounding pair of amps for the money. I had a set for a couple of years and sold them just due to not using that system enough to keep it together. You wont be disappointed.
No comment on the ASR Clown Posse.


Hey peterthebutcher

If you have a great porterhouse for me I’ll tell you why :innocent: :grin: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Apparently audioscience decries what doesn’t measure well in their lab.
When gear "doesn’t measure up to their standards…the site owner
gives very negative comments…

As an example, one problem is that a much the old 1960’s tube gear while measuring poorly
sounds fabulous even by today’s sound appreciation.

The ASR guys are all in for measurement…hardly ever a subjective listen
to the gear.

PS Audio is all about design, measuring and then listening to hear if the
so called chosen measurements sound all that good to begin with…If not
it is a do over until they get it right.

Avery Fisher founder of the Fisher Radio Corp…(also a violinist with the
NY Symphony, Avery Fisher Hall named after him); would take a sample
piece of gear from the assembly and audition it…if it failed the model line would be stopped.

Fisher tube gear is very much sought after. I have owned the 800B and 800c
receivers…with just 35 watts/ channel would put on an amazing performance.

No doubt ASR would trash Avery’s gear due to poor measurements and not give
2 hoots about sound quality…

So put away ASR and their measurement only based criteria for great gear…
Enjoy you PS Audio gear…it is really great stuff.!!

Best wishes


Here is a proper lab report of the M700 which I used and loved!
SoundStageNetwork.com | SoundStage.com - BHK Labs Measurements: PS Audio Stellar M700 Mono Amplifiers
By all means, it’s a very well designed and implemented amplifier. Very hard to beat it even at three times the price.


As an extension to my previous post…ASR measure and ranks the Oppo 205 very highly.
Contrarily ASR tears up the PS Audio DS dac and is rated at near bottom of the heap.

What they don’t tell you is that the DS dac fed by my Oppo 205 via rca coax
cable is a fantastic upgrade over the Oppo 205 no 2 ifs or buts about it,
The results are heavenly…

So there you have it…amazing isn’t it ?

Best wishes


As an adjunct to @Serhan 's link to Soundstage’s measurements, here’s their listening review.


Never allow a site that doesn’t listen to the audio equipment it reviews influence a purchase decision. Or compromise your enjoyment of equipment you already own and like. :slight_smile:


Has a very experienced person made a purchase per their/A’s suggestion and just totally had their hair blown back in the end? Honest question. I’m for measurements and science, but also need to feel like it’s the real deal at the end of the day.

I have the M1200s and am quite pleased. It would be fun to have A measure my heavily modified DSD (not to mention like 5 or 6 firmware updates later), and see how it compares to his original conclusions, but the kit is too busy working for me.

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