My Apologies - But I Have To Share - ASR’s review of the SGCD

Great way to upset my Saturday Night listening session. Stumbled upon it while doing a search for something else.

Some how come I don’t hear what he’s measuring ?

Ah yes, this follows a very typical pattern. A number will chime it to say ASR is ridiculous and full of nonsense. Then one or two lone wolves will say they find meaning in ASR’s measurements. Then there’s often an argument of some sort.


I’m not sure many do. It’s really not about “hearing” at all, just measurements. If you like your SGCD then it really does not matter. If these type “reviews” bother you, you could buy his #1 pick I guess. He ripped the Jr as well I believe. The Jr is the best DAC I have owned period.
There are also some great PSA reviews out there from folks who are respected in the industry and actually listen to music (Egad!) as part of their review process.

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Focus on the listening tests in this review and the review of other “failing” kit. How extensive are they? What did the reviewer report hearing? Did the reviewer compare kit that measured better and find that one sounded better then the other? (Etc.) A review of audio equipment has to address measurements and their impact on the quality of the sound these measurements produce in the context of the kit’s output and place in an audio SYSTEM. Great reviews compare the measured and “heard” performance of similarly priced and measured kit. Sadly, there are very view reviewers that take the time to get this right.

In this case, the reviewer did not even bother to publish any listening observations before giving the measured device a thumbs down. That speaks volumes to my ears. :wink:

If you have a chance to compare the “crappy-measuring” DS Sr. to the “crappy-measuring” GCD in your system, you should do it. I think such an experience will tell you a lot about how important the measured results ASR posted are for both units in the context of listening.*


[*Addendum: Better yet, grab a DAC on loan that is similarly priced to your DAC that the reviewer has declared better via his measurements ranking approach, do some comparative listening and see which one you prefer.]

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This is the comment on ASR review from the guy who started the thread on DS Senior. Let’s us not fall into their level and fan the flames.

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I suggest stopping now and not adding anything additional to this thread.

If you are wondering what will happen if we continue, please see the second post in this thread.


Review Summary:
Eats steak well done with A1 sauce.
Loves lean steak.
Steak is cooked with propane.
Steak is a sirloin.
I know electronics extremely well.
It’s the sound that matters, not the music.
Who needs music when you can bliss in audio.
I love reading what I write.
Data is my Deity.
I worship circuitry.
It’s not what I hear or feel.
It’s what I think and say.

The End.


There’s already another thread with 530+ replies…

I agree completely, just do it!

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Or just do not do it! :slight_smile:

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I like to see PS audio at least explain the preamp measurement, that really does look bad to me. Gail cell was supposed to be better than potentiometer.


I’ll be honest here (and short for a change). I bought my Stellar Stack for two reasons, Paul’s Video’s & the technology inside those boxes. Audio has always been a secondary thing for me (I know, it’s the wrong attitude). Well, I waited a month for my Stack and it was well worth the wait. Even out of the box, it had way more going for it than anything I’ve owned in the past. After “burn-in”, everything came alive even more so.

Since I was a kid, I’d always read Stereo Review & Audio Magazine’s. Stereophile & TAS were too “highbrow” for my teenage/young adult tastes. And you know what ? Those published measurements are what got me interested in Electronics Engineering & Manufacturing. When I graduated College all those years ago, I wanted a job in Audio and or Video (or both). It didn’t happen, and I’ve been involved in RF Electronics Engineering/Manufacturing both as a Tech as as a Junior Level Engineer ever since.

Both those SR & Audio reviews were well written and clearly showed and explained what the measurements were all about. Those Magazines would dedicate articles to certain measurements, what they mean, why they are important, and sometimes be able to correlate what you hear against what was measured.

Engineers always start with a near ideal (on paper) design, and then tweak it, not just to their ears, but to the ears of others before releasing any product to the Consumer Market. That’s just damn good engineering. PS Audio does “damn good” Engineering and that’s why I’ve enjoyed my SGCD/2x M700’s for almost 6 months now.

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That is what I have liked about John Atkinson of Stereophile. He has done several reviews of equipment where measurements totally sucked, but he raved about the sound. He is open minded enough to NOT let measurements interfere with the music. Some reviewers can not do that.


I been a Stereophile Subscriber on and off for over 20 years. Not as “highbrow” and yes, I read ALL the Stellar SGCD/S300/M700 reviews AFTER my purchase. I don’t let reviewers “influence” me. But I do try to listen for they observed even though my system is radically different than their setups.

I don’t listen to ‘reviewers’ that don’t listen. Furthermore if I were a company whose product was ‘reviewed’ without listening I would feel no reason to respond in any way to such a review giving it some form of credibility.


The reviewer claimed he did not have time to listen . . .

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”In this case, the reviewer did not even bother to publish any listening observations before giving the measured device a thumbs down. That speaks volumes to my ears.”

— A more relevant part of my post, perhaps? :slightly_smiling_face:

Right, I read that portion of your post, too, thanks. My point is that the reviewer did not merely fail to PUBLISH any listening tests, but that he admittedly did not even CONDUCT any listening tests.

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What is interesting is ‘measurement people’ would probably subscribe to A/B blind testing feeling that reviews/look of the kit/ etc would influence the hearing / listening of the kit. If measurements are taken prior to listening - uh what type of bias is brought to the table. Unbelievable. This feels like a thread on politics.