New product tests at ASR has them very excited

It appears that AudioScienceReview (Amir) is preparing to test (measure) speakers soon. Several members are beside themselves with anticipation. One member said, “How beautiful it will be when the measurements show some very expensive high-end speakers full of BS”.
This should prove to be very interesting. Evaluating speakers without regard to how they actually sound to the ears? With the mind set that measurement-centric evaluating of electronic components will tell you exactly how they will sound, I can’t imaging how useless will be the results of the same approach to speaker evaluation. It’s quite an interesting community over there with the allegiance to & worship of Amir so prevalent.

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Interesting thing I found with ASR reviews is how horribly Schiit products measure/test. And the folks at SuperBestAudioFriends CAN’T STAND the ASR guy.

Do we even listen to music anymore?

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PSA DSD was also strongly NOT recommended. Amir’s conclusion, " I cannot in any shape or form recommend the PerfectWave DirectStream DAC.
These companies need to hire trained listeners and perform a simple level matched test before spending so much money on engineering and producing subpar products. Our hobby deserves better. Much better."
It’s been discussed here in another thread.

And yet every Schiit product I’ve tried has sounded fantastic. But that’s just “my confirmation bias”. Sure.

you would think that the manufacturers run similar/related tests on their products, right? I don’t know if any manufacturers actually respond to Amir’s tests/measurements, though.

Best to not engage, i suppose.

I use the word “interesting” as you do a fair amount : ) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::cowboy_hat_face:

Not sure that many measure as much as, or the way that they do, and like Paul, if the sonic result belies the measurements, it is an easy choice.

Darren’s Phono Pre started out life as one of the best measuring pres in existence, but it sounded like crap compared to when he got done with it. ASR is a cult ; )


Amir should watch this:
and this:
and drop his plans.
If he doesn’t (most likely), yes, it’s going to be interesting…

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Stereophile does measurements and I trust them. They are done after the fact, on completion of the review. I would trust their measurements. ASR often uses flawed methodology, usually with the intent to trash. Make for good reading for the have not’s.


I prefer to be blissfully unaware of that site and it’s fans.


In terms of speakers, haven’t there actually been a number of double blind tests showing that flatter frequency responses are preferred reliably in testing?

In testing, yes. Listening? I don’t think so. I may be wrong.

Yawn. I cannot even imagine this. Measurements that show how a speaker sounds? Bull pucky.

Thank you Philipp

It doesn’t matter to the ASR guys. They’re loving the attention and that’s about all it’s worth.

Double blind listening tests, yes.

ASR is to audio what Scientology is to religion and psychology.

Hubbard’s cult takes an actual scientific tool that measures galvanic skin response, and increases its sensitivity to ‘reveal’ and clear emotional reaction.

The ASR cult takes a measurement tool, purportedly at times used incorrectly and and applies that to quantify sound quality.

Their confirmation bias is that the expensive equipment that many in the cult can’t afford (or don’t want to waste their money on) is technically flawed according their “E-meter” and therefore is some form of snake oil.

Even more dubious is that the cult leader (I believe) sells his own brand of gear, or at least a DAC.

The fake science crowd and the “religion” may in fact be correct (or appear to be) on certain things, but it doesn’t make their methodologies or findings sound.

I’m sure one could find two speakers that measure alike (particularly in a room) and yet a discerning listener would find them to sound nothing alike.

Before the Utone EtherRegen was even released they announced it and the company to be scam.

Rather than complain I’ve decided to register the website Wine Science Review and buy a gas spectrometer or other scientific device I’m completely untrained to use and then measure high end wines to see how they taste and then prove that swill I buy in a gallon box actually is better wine.


The only Hubbard I care about discovered that the Universe was more than our galaxy. : )


Although measurements aren’t everything they do hold weight. The measured frequency response of a speaker will tell us a lot about how it will sound i.e. bass roll off etc. The output measurements of a speaker also tell us the dynamic capability it has.

Are you insinuating PS Audio is not using measurements when developing the new speaker line because they are ‘bull pucky’?



You mean “Hubble”…