Audiostream review GCD and M700’s

Knocked it out of the park again!

Some interesting news on new stellar products also:

Post-Script In finishing-up my conversation with Myers, we touched on the future of the Stellar series where he mentioned that the line will be rounded out with a power regenerator, phono stage, and integrated amplifier. In the near future

“The regenerator will be a fully-linear design capable of 300W continuous power with a one-minute dynamic output capability of over 900W,” Myers said. “Not only will this regenerator feature the latest iteration of our patented linear-regeneration circuitry, but it will be featured in the same compact Stellar chassis as the power amplifiers. It’s currently in the final stages of development and is something we are incredibly excited to release. Retail will be around $1,999 – $2,199 USD.


The Stellar Power Plant should be a good seller. I considered waiting on it, but selected the upgradeable P12, which has more features. The Stellar PP will not not be upgradeable or connectable to the internet for power management/monitoring.

I was keen on the P12 but see it only has 4 NZ/aus power outlets - i need 5 minimum. It’ll be interesting to see what the Stellar option looks like for this part of the globe

I’m also very interested in an Australian version of the Stellar Power Plant. I don’t really care for web monitoring if it keeps costs down, however I desperately need something to regenerate and regulate my AC power supply.
Last time I checked my supply meter it read 251V :worried:

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Oof, that’s some gnarly power coming in…

We ran a proto of the Stellar Power Plant in the sales/service area for a couple weeks, and it really kicks butt. Ran a TT, phono stage, Gain Cell DAC, and S300 without breaking a sweat. We don’t really have a critical listening setup going, but I certainly noticed a hit in performance when Darren took it back.

@FMaximus I think the plan currently is for the Stellar Power Plant to have 3-4 outlets on the AU/NZ version. The good news is, two of them should still cost less than a P12.

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thanks for the update i’ll need to weigh up the merits of 2 x Stellar PP’s versus the network server thats also in the wings…

Was the S300 running from the regenerated outlets or the filtered?

Regenerated :grin:

@FMaximus that’s a tough one. Good power is what great systems are built on, though the music server certainly won’t be a slouch.


Rafe Arnott over at Audiostream seems to think my M700s are pretty good.

I agree :grin: