Stellar Regenerator

Did everyone get the memo on PS Audio now selling the new Stellar regenerator.


As was I, when I randomly came across it a week ago.

The real question I have is why is DirectStream Power Plant 12 is over twice the price of the Stellar Power Plant 3? Yet only has 2 more available outlets on the back.

Not trying to be snarky with this question. I’m honestly just curious.

There are some other posts discussing the new P3. It does not handle as much power as a P12, does not have a display other than a few off/on status lights, does not have an internet connection, etc. It’s perfect for a small system with fewer components and a low wattage draw (e.g. a Stellar Gain Cell Dac and Steller power amp).

The Stellar P3 has better quality output than my old P3 but I will keep my old P3 until it drops. I have two more outlets, internet connectivity for remote operation, a “voltage in” display and a wattage draw display.

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Thanks @JRSBat

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Your welcome. When my old P3 dies I probably will get the new P3 instead of the P12. I have pretty much a full PS Audio system now - SGCD, M700s, NPC, PWT. I also have a VPI SDS and VPI TT drawing power. When playing music my system only draws around 80 watts.

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I like the matching Stellar style of the case. Another thing I like about the P3 is its size. I like its height. I bought one.

I’m in the same boat, but am going to check it out and see if it’s magically better.

James told me that they tested the P3 with a BNK 250 and the regenerator did its job with no problems.

In contrast, am running a DS DAC Sr into the M700 monos (very different power demands) with a PWT player, to a very efficient set of Klipsch Forte speakers. I will probably draw around 10 watts at moderate volume in my 6.2’x17x18 room (1900 cu ft) at moderate volume accept for a rare spike. Easy duty for the P3.

I am planning on adding AN1 speakers which I believe they will be very efficient. Will not be adding subs, so I am very content with my plans.


Yes and one of the secondary reasons we designed it is to act as a pure source power. We tend to add our sources and controllers to the same Power Plant as the amps and subs are run off of and for those that want to get a better performance quotient can take
the plunge and add a separate Power Plant just for the sources. That can be expensive if we use a P12 or P15 (as I do), so we wanted to make one specific to sources - which is how the P3 got started. Once we got going it also seemed obvious if we made it big
enough it could also drive an entire Stellar system or medium wattage anything system.

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Thank you Paul and PS Audio for this power plant. I want to add that it is an example of offering specific equipment and service to meet your customers needs and desires.
Many kudos,

Oh cripes, and here I thought I could repurpose my old one for the Studio! ; ). Now it’s amp and subs on one, components on the other…hmmm…maybe a third to have dedicated units for Digital and Analog…

In connecting a pair of M700 amps to the Stellar P3, should they be connected to the two High Current outlets (switched to HC on the back panel)? If those outlets are used in HC mode, is the output conditioned but not regenerated?

Assuming the Stellar’s HC outlooks are like those on other Power Plants, it probably should not matter. The HC outlets have inrush limiters that only kick in when a piece of equipment draws a large amount of power on power-up. After that, they are like the other outlets. That M700’s shouldn’t draw a lot of power when turned on, unlike, say, certain tube amps. If left in standby, it would not be an issue at all.

Simply put, the HC outlet is for components that draw high current; but any device can be plugged in. The Regenerator is always regenerating power for all of its outlets.

I will ask James at PSA to confirm, comment.

Just got a call from Darren and asked. When switched to HC, the switchable outlet is filtered but not regenerated. It also has a 15A breaker on it and bypasses the fuse, so you can put Krells on it or whatever.

On the Regenerated setting (or any of the other outlets) they will handle M700s with no problem, as they have very low idle draw and the Stellar handles very high peak outputs.


That is good info. I spoke without reference to a manual. It is not posted on the PSA site yet. I was unaware of the switchable feature. Wish I hadn’t spoke.

Just to confirm, the P3 can be set to regenerate all of its outlets. That is my usage need.

You guys with Krells can go to … a P20. :smiley:

Correct, (6) total outlets, all Regenerated, if that’s what you want, with the option of outlets 5&6 being switchable to High Current (filtered, not Regenerated, not fused, with its own 15A breaker). So in that configuration it would be: (4) Regenerated and (2) HC.

Great - thanks for the info!

badbeef is exactly right. Because the M700s are so efficient, I would keep them plugged into the HC zone and have it switched to regenerated. The P3 will have no problem regenerating the power for these guys.

James, how’s the P3 ship date looking? Still possible that wome will go out tomorrow?