Please help identify PSA component

I just watched Paul’s video from RMAF and something caught my eye: an unfamiliar stellar component. I took a snapshot of it. Can anyone identify it? I’m referring to top one on the stack. Thanks

Stellar phono amp? I’m trying to read the nameplate, but it’s fuzzy.

Where can I find the video?

The new Stellar Power Regenerator?

It is, indeed, the new Stellar Power Plant 300.


When will all the details be released about it?

Probably closer to the end of this year.


You are remarkably observant, impressive catch.

Very interesting, what a great looking addition to the Stellar line. Reflecting on Paul’s past comments on regenerators, probably the next most important addition to the Stellar line. Congradulations!

Same tech as the P-series? It’s enough to drive 2 x m700s?

Same tech as the P series. It’ll handle 300 watts all day long and support peaks of up to 700 watts (or so). Depending on your usage of the music you might get away with the M700s.

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Well, make a Stellar Power Plant that can handle the M700s for sure, just without the fancy screens. :wink:

So the only difference is power output and impedance other than the fancy “bling”? That brings up another question. Let’s use arbitrary numbers of lower impedance level If the P12 is say 5x, and the P15 is 10x and the P20 is 20x where does the Stellar Power Plant fall?

I can’t really give you a definitive answer but it’s likely around half of a P12.

OK, that’s still not bad at all. Price point of < $1500?

It’s incredibly bad marketing - There’s no place here that says it comes from PS audio. Imagine how many photos and movies are being taken at the show and being broadcast on the web, for example. I’m sorry to say so. Now I have sent that photo to all possible groups and forecourt - without name etc. lol lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::kissing_heart::heart_eyes:

(The new PS audio Stellar Power Plant 300.)

Probably closer to $2K


AND Paul you know I’m right - kick to your marketing department and check it out for yourself when you’re at fairs by taking photos from different angles etc … so you see that names etc are included. More Love Denmark

Thanks, Michael.