Audirvana 3.5 & Native DSD


Out of curiosity, using USB from a MacBook Pro going into the Matrix before I2S into the DSJ, is it possible to have Audirvana output native DSD to the DSJ? Or is that scenario restricted to DoP? Thanks

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I have a few DSD64 and DSD128 albums that play direct from a Mac mini via USB (Wireworld Silver Starlight 7) into DSJ, no problems.

The DS Sr. accepts native DSD via I2S. Assuming the DS Jr. does, as well, it should work. (Note: I seem to recall reading that the DS Jr. display does not distinguish between DoP and native DSD, but the WHITE LED light on the Matrix indicates native DSD.)

I find the Matrix turns blue with DSD via DoP as well.

My bad on the Matrix LED, sorry, I was going from memory. Please allow me to clarify: I send DoP to the Matrix from my Melco. The Matrix light is BLUE in this scenario. I have the Matrix dip switch set to convert DoP to native DSD, which the Matrix then sends to my DS Sr. The DS Sr. display indicates that it is receiving native DSD (the DS Sr. display shows “DSD” instead of “DOP”). I just checked the Matrix manual. If the Matrix light is WHITE, it is receiving native DSD from the source (see manual excerpt, below). As my Melco does not stream native DSD, I do not see the white LED indicator light. If you are steaming native DSD from your MBP, then the Matrix LED should be white (at least according to the manual).


Thanks, good to know. I was wondering because for instance, in BitPerfect, if one initiates Native DSD (not DoP), it gives all sorts of intimidating warnings about why that’s a risky idea.

I’ve yet to figure out if Audirvana can send native DSD… or even if it really matters. From what I gather from Ted, its same same. “Native” just sounds more fancy and exclusive :innocent:

The DirectStream DACs convert everything to DoP anyway, so the question is… does having it come in as DoP with one less step (i.e. DS does not then have to convert to DoP since it is already there) sound better than coming in as Native where the DS then takes the extra step to convert to DoP. I have sent to the DS both Native (via my i2S) as well as DoP and I discern no difference in sound.

For me, its more about a technical curiosity than necessarily any great expected sonic improvement…