Native DSD not supported with Audirvana V3.5 and PS Audio DirectStream DAC

I recently upgraded to Audirvana V3.5 on a Mac mini (Carolina) USB-connected to a PS Audio DirectStream DAC running Windom. I can play PCM tracks with no problem. I can also play DSD tracks as well but the software is using DoP or it’s converting to PCM. The DAC indicates that it is locked to a PCM stream. Also, the software settings.indicate that DSD is not supported by the DAC but DoP is an option.

I had the exact same experience with the Snowmass release of the DAC, the one prior to Windom.

I haven’t had any insight on what’s happening over at the Audirvana forums. Has anybody had this problem. I’d like to run native DSD as I did before.


Raw DSD is only supported via I2S if I remember correctly. Since you’re using USB you’ll have to use DoP, which is technically the same thing.

Hi seegs108,

You’re right about I2S but native DSD also works over USB. I’ve attached an excerpt from the DS manual indicating as much.

It worked with the previous version of Audirvana.

I bought my DS with Snowmass and I’ve never been able to send native DSD from Audirvana via USB. Not that it really matters, in a different thread Ted stated that the DS uses DoP internally, so in this case DoP is the “native” format.

I use Audirvana 3.2 because I don’t like how 3.5 sounds.

Thanks, IanB52.

Can you tell me if your DAC indicates its locked on PCM or DSD?

It says Input: DOP, Rate: DSD64

I reinstalled Audirvana and re-flashed the DAC tonight and got your results! Yay!

Still don’t know why I don’t have the option to go native DSD though.

Maybe I’ll try 3.2 again too based on your comments.


I know some people really like 3.5 but I felt like it took away a lot of the dynamics and made the stereo image very flat and forward, however it does sound smooth and pleasant in ways. It’s pretty crazy how different they are.

Mac OSX does not support native DSD on USB output-with a Mac connected directly you can only play DSD files via DoP, so this has nothing to do with Audirvana.