Audirvana for Windows

Anyone else tried the beta version of Audirvana for Windows? Seems to work with the Bridge 2 without any problems for me for redbook and up to 24/192. Haven’t tried DSD or MQA yet.
Compared to Roon I find the interface very lacking and nothing special. Sound wise I wasn’t sure which one I preferred. Brain says they should sound the same but ears tell me otherwise.
Looking forward to Octave and the B3 in the hopefully not too distant future.

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I too am wondering If a DS or DSJ will work with Audirvana for Windows. have my flac files on a Synology 216+ and stream to a now broken Marantz sr8012 which when the 8012 worked sounded great. Yeah, the Marantz has to go in for service. Bummer. Am very courious how the sound of a DS orDSJ sounds compared to the 8012.