Audirvana Plus 3 Audio Filters settings

Several PS Audio forum members seem to be familiar with or are using Audirvana Plus 3. I am hoping some of those members might suggest settings for the iZoptope and/or SOX audio filters. I just set up a second system using a MacBook with Audirvana Plus 3, streaming files from a NAS and Tidal. Output is an Audioquest Dragonfly Red to headphones. After perusing the net I found the following settings that sound really decent. So far, favoring the SOX over the iZotope. Just like to find out if the settings are in the ball park or could be improved. Would really appreciate any audio filter settings more experienced users have found to be best in their systems or would suggest for my system. Thank you for your responses. Cory
SOX setting:
• Bandwidth 74
• Filter max length 30,000
• Anti-aliasing 85
• Pre-ringing. 46
Force Upsamping None

iZotope setting:
• Steepness 74
• Filter max length 500,000
• Cutoff freq. 125
• Anti-aliasing 50
• Pre-ringing. .41
Force Upsamping None

IMO Sox has a more open sound.

I would run pre-ring at 1.0 pure linear filter. Set bandwidth at 95% ish.

Anti aliasing at 100%.

From the looks of it you aren’t actually upsampling since you have forced upsampling at none.

Thank you cxp for your reply. I’ll give a try. It is very similar to the original Audirvana SOX setting.

For forced upsampling, set to 2.

FYI, you may know this but to be clear, if you have upsample to none… the filters don’t do anything.

I did not know that, being new to this audio filter business. No wonder I couldn’t hear little if any difference in the settings. Thanks for clueing me in. I set it to Oversampling 2x only and could definitely hear setting differences. While trying the settings you suggested, I reduced the pre-ringing to .90 as suggested in an article on the site, 1/1/2018. He called it the “Intermediate Phase suggestion…” I found this setting to be clearer and cleaner to my ears listening to acoustic piano music. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my topic and getting me inside the ballpark and pretty near home plate. Really am enjoying Audirvana Plus 3