Best sounding and working DSD Settings for Stellar DAC in Audirvana Studio (latest Version)

Hi mates,

after I saw a Video from Paul on Youtube where he said, that Audirvana would be best for DSD Playback, I gave it a try.
To be honest: I was deeply disappointed after finding nothing usable regarding documentation, Tips or an Handbook. I Already asked the Audirvana team via Email, How it can be that such a pristine software does not offer some tutorials or at least a PDF-Handbook!
So I ask you, my fellow DSD loving listeners:
Can anybody can give me a few hints on best DSD upsampling Parameters (Sox vs. r8Brain, %Nyquist, DSD Filters from A to C, DSD over PCM 1.0 vs 1.1, etc, etc) ?
Please excuse my rusted English :wink:
Stephan from Germany

Consider only streaming native formats to the DSD DAC. Internally the DSD converts all formats to DSF prior to conversion.

Hard to imagine any sonic improvement converting first, in fact if could be detrimental.

For the SGCD I just selected upsampling to DSD 128, DSD Native (as I have a matrix ) and left all other settings in Audirvana upsampling at their defaults - it sounded good but I have since replaced my computer with a dedicated streamer so only use Audirvana for headphones now. I use Roon for everything else which can upsample with HQ Player but I have yet to try it. Sorry not much help.