Filter setting

Curious among folks who have the PWD DACII, which filter setting do you listen most? I ready on Audiogon that the filter number and type listed in the manual is not correct.

In the manual, it lists the filters as follows:

  1. Filter 1 - MP APOD
  2. Filter 2 - MP SOFT
  3. Filter 3 - LP APOD
  4. Filter 4 - LP SOFT
  5. Filter 5 - MP 1/2B
But the filters are supposedly as follows:
  1. Filter 1 - LP SOFT
  2. Filter 2 - MP 1/2B
  3. Filter 3 - MP SOFT
  4. Filter 4 - LP APOD
  5. Filter 5 - MP APOD
Can someone confirm that is the case?

The manual recommends using Filter 1, and although Filter 1 is not MP APOD (actually it’s Filter 5), but LP SOFT, I still find Filter 1 to sound best in my system, although there are subtle differences in all of the filters. I find MP APOD (Filter 5) to have the most extended highs among the 5, but not quite as smooth and full sounding as LP SOFT.

Thoughts anyone?

I’d like the PS tech folks to respond. I want the straight scoop on the filters; my initial reaction to the quick start guide was, where is the rest of the manual… Turns out the QS was all there is.


My preference has always been the Auto Filter position. This filter set switches between the various filters when different sample rates are chosen. We did a lot of testing in the sound room to see which fit each sample rate the best.

Paul McGowan said My preference has always been the Auto Filter position. This filter set switches between the various filters when different sample rates are chosen. We did a lot of testing in the sound room to see which fit each sample rate the best.
Paul, could you or one of your colleagues respond to the inquiry in the first post of the thread: which filter configuration corresponds, in fact, to each numbered setting? I am curious to hear the sound change as it correlates with the various filter configurations. Just a former 'no filter' fan here, trying to make sense of the technology; I, for one have never gotten hung up on a particular technology, but have moved back and forth depending on what sounds good!

I believe the manual is correct.

I changed my signal cable Audioquest Earth instead of Van den Hul the Second, both XLR.

The latest firmware, NativeX and Auto filter setting.

The sound was too bright, too high end, less hifi, if you know what I mean.

Lot of details, less music feeling. Distorted space imaging.

In some post here, I red about compairing firmware, latest with older.

I tried FW 2.2.0 and filter setting to possition 2, I remember I used it some years ago, when I comparing the sound of PWD

with my reference CD player Naim CDX. This position of filter was very similar to Naim sound.

Music came back with this older firmware, no bright sound, no side and space problem,

something is wrong in the newest firmware, sorry.

Try 2.2.0!

Try going back even further, to 2.0.2 or 2.0.3 if they are still available. I was disappointed with any firmware after either of those. Too much emphasis on detail and not enough “soul” or “music feeling” in the later firmwares. Just my opinion of course.

It was my feeling with 2.2.0 too, where can we download 2.0.2 or 2.0.3?

I have attached 2.0.2.

Thanks for that Elk, just saw that it was not available in the archives anymore. Always has been my fav PWD firmware, coupled with the auto filter and NativeX

Here is 2.0.3 in case someone would like this as well.

Thank you, Elk, nice work again!

I compared 2.0.2 with 2.2.0 and the newer one is more precise in space revealing, I will stay there, for some time …

Sometime I´ll try other newer fws to find where is the break point to more digital feeling sound of the latest soft.

The best combination for me is Native(without X!) and filter 2

So many combinations and variables, enough to make your brain explode. confused

Good thing we have music to relax us! smiley-music005_gif

Thanks for posting up the older firmwares, been looking for them for a while!

I have had some odd experiences with the new Tidal streaming decoded MQA files. My PWD II makes a lot of relay clicking (from DAC) and then has several seconds of whine (coming from the speakers) when initially playing the decoded MQA files. It only happens when I initially switch over from regular 16/44 stream to Tidal MQA Master files. Almost like some initial handshake is not working well?

Also, the sound is VERY different on the MQA Master files, in some cases it sounds very bad (muffled, blurry, rolled off) but in some other cases it sounds pretty good? Confusing! Oddly enough, the time stamp for identical songs (identical albums) in the MQA and the standard 16/44 are different. So Natalie Merchants’s TigerLilly “Seven Years” is 5:30 in 16/44 and 5:35 in the Master version?

I would be interested in other folks experiences with Tidal MQA compard to normal 16/44 Tidal through the PWD II? I was using the latest firmware.

My guess is this is a Tidal software issue. Do they have a forum you can check and ask?

Tidal technical support service is pretty much none existent. Since this is the first roll out of streaming MQA with a third party (Tidal) doing the MAQ decoding, I am pretty sure there will be teething issues. I’ll wait to see how things shake out over the next few weeks.

I suggest posting in the MQA Controversy thread. Tidal’s implementation of MQA is being discussed there. See, click here, et seq.