AURALiC Aries G1 Anyone?

I have a MacBook that I greatly prefer to buying an iPad, so Auralic is out for me.

I continue to be surprised that some manufacturers will support only limited controllers, or only Windows/Android or only iThings. They immediately limit their sales.

I am not a programmer, which may be obvious given this question, but is it particularly tricky to create a web interface which any gadget with a browser can access? This would allow the vast majority of Windows, Apple, and Linux computers, phones, and other gadgets to be a controller.

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I think the answer is yes. The Jriver crew has been working on “Panel,” a web controller. No where near as good as the JRemote app.

I don’t suspect that any of the major streamer companies are going to change their philosophy any time soon so it is what it is. Most of them stay away from Android as it is because on it’s non-standardization between hardware companies. And for the ones that do have Android versions they are usually less featured and less frequently updated.

This is why I suggest a web based controller rather than an app. Bryston, for example does this. Their web controller is great.

Of course, my assumption this is easier my be entirely incorrect.

Amen to that. Audirvana just recently (earlier this year) launched their software on the Windows OS, and if they hadn’t done that I wouldn’t be a customer now. HOWEVER, they still don’t offer their remote-control over Windows, only IOS. Though this is forthcoming, it’s another example…

Will the one time purchase of A+ resolve his issue of using the Macbook with the Bridge II?

I don’t presently use A+ because it never worked properly with the Bridge, but they have a forum where one could check.

Sad to hear that as AURALiC make some of the best value streamers on the market today and Lightening DS is the most bomb-proof controller that I’ve tried, believe me, I’ve tried a few.

Not convinced that going wirelessly from my MacBook to router to DSJ via HomePage/ethernet would be superior to my current 10ft USB cable.

And haven’t heard a head to head comparison of player software making an advantage (to me).

Auralic G1 was already getting beyond my $2000 USD budget considering that an external drive is needed, so adding an iPad just adds to that. Plus don’t really want another device in my life.

Hi, is there anybody who compared it against a Bridge II in terms or sound quality ?

I imagine the G1 would sound better. The G1 seems to best the ultraRendu and is on par with the SOtM SMS 200 Ultra, and most suggest the ultraRendu bests the bridge ii. No direct experience, just an educated guess.

Larry - I can’t comment on the Aries G1 vs. Bridge II but can on the Aries G2 vs the Bridge II. I streamed Tidal via the Bridge II exclusively for 14 months prior to adding the G2 two weeks ago. I was waiting for the release of Octave but when it was pushed back I decided to try the Auralic. I’m very glad I did. Through Araulic’s Lightning DS app and the G2 my system sounds best ever. The improvement is on par with when I added two p10’s. More significant than when I added a BHK pre, replaced the P10’s with a P20, or JC1’s with the BHK300’s. Best description: holographic. Expanded sound stage in every aspect, pin point location, and amazing clarity. I’m listening to Susan Werner’s An American In Havana as I type this. What a fantastic production!

Thanks for your feedback. I have the opportunity to borrow a G1 from a local dealer. Apart from galvanic isolation and internal storage the specs are pretty close to the G2 - so I think I will give it a try.

Let us know your impressions.

Some limit their support to Apple systems because the various flavours of Android are said to be more variable in their support for some functions. I do not know why web support is not available, but as an old programmer I bemoan the fact that there are so many separate apps for things which would be perfectly workable through a browser.

IK’ve used Lightning DS for some years and love it. They told me it’s iOS only because Android is a complete pain. Overall, I preferred to have a totally robust and brilliant system than one that works on multiple platforms. I now have Roon and can can now use that as Lightning is Roon Ready.

Have you compared sq through Roon vs Lightning DS? I too think the Lightning DS is a very good operating system. On my rigTidal sounds much better with Lightning DS than Roon. One thing that seems odd when comparing Tidal through Roon vs. Tidal through Lightning DS there seems to be a greater number of offerings (albums) available for many artists through Lightning DS as compared to Roon. Anxious to try Qobuz when it’s out of beta.

I’ve been using Qobuz for about 5 years very happily with Aries, them Aries Mini. Both via usb. My Roon set-up is temporary with an Innuos Server arriving this week. With clean power I really can’t hear any difference.

Yes me… answer to initial post tile.
After the typical research and do I want to spend this mulch on something that does the same thing my laptop does. I got a G1, “holy cow”
I was questioning and honestly had doubts if it would sound better and if so how much, a lot.
Thanks to those of you some are in this post that we’re a influence on me. I now feel that streaming can’t sound any better, weather true or not I’m in a real good place right now.