Aurender N10 acting up

I just bought a ifi Purifier 3 for the Usb input of my DS Dac from the output of my Aurender N10. It does improve the sound a bit with more air and distinction, but still not to the level of the DMP. The DMP is still superior in SQ compared to the Aurender N10.
I now have problems with the N10 freezing up in the middle of songs and does not respond to any controls or remotes. The only thing I can do is turn off the power on the back of the unit. But it takes forever to reboot when power is turn off suddenly. I hate computers. The little quirks I have with the DMP is nothing compared with the Aurender N10. It’s starting to freeze up more often recently. I regret getting the N10, but it was before the DMP was available.

Hopefully, not to state the obvious. Is there a software update for the N10. Failing that, there should be a factory reset available?

Send a Remote Support Request through the Aurender App (this allows engineers to quickly diagnose and fix problems over the Internet).

There was a factory update not too long ago, maybe like last month. I already updated it to the latest firmware. The factory reboot is even more intensive and takes even longer like maybe 20 minutes or so and then you have to reinstall the latest firmware also.
Last time I send in a remote support request when the unit lost communication with the Ipad, they told me my internet was inadequate and I should change service. I later found out there was a problem with the ethernet cable when I brought the unit and plug it directly to the modem and everything worked again.
Anyway, seems like that could be the same thing now I use a different cable and the unit got a chance to warm up, it seem to be ok so far and I’ve been listening for awhile.

Log a support request. Communication errors will be captured in the logs.

Wouldn’t you be better off using the aes/ebu or the coax input from the N10 to your DAC?
My friend started out with one of the 100 series, now has an N10, and the dealer recommended that he use the USB to coax converter. Although I am not sure if it was because of the Aurender or AR CD9.

I could, but then DSD single rate and double rate would have to be down converted to 176k 24bit because only usb can transfer DSD signal. The N10 can do that on the fly. That would affect the sound quality. Anyway, it wouldn’t solve the freezing up problem.
It seem to be ok after I warm up the Aurender and clean up some of the garbage music that I stored on the hard drive that somehow the tracks and cover art got scrambled somehow. I haven’t use the Aurender for a week and power was turned off from the unit so it was quit cold when I use it, but I think it was the confusion in the hard drive. I’ll find out more when I continue to play more on the unit.
BTW I was wondering anyone heard the Esoteric P-02 and D-02 compared to DSD and DMP? I am currently using the Esoteric C-02 preamp and A-02 power amp and thinking about it.

P-02 and D-02 are old model Esoteric, discontinued a few years ago.

Hello Friends.
Whats the best output from N10 to DSD dac? Im using AES, but looking for usb. thanks

I use the usb out from the Aurender otherwise you can’t get raw DSD out to your dac. The other outputs don’t support single rate and double rate DSD out which I feel is the best sound from the Aurender. But use a good cable and a iFi usb iPurifier. It makes a big difference.