Connecting a streamer to the SGCD via USB

I picked up a very lightly used Aurender N100H streamer from my brother, and have been trying to get it to play nicely with my SGCD, but without success. The Aurender has no internal DAC of its own, and its only output is via USB. The SGCD has only one USB input (#8), and when I connect via that port and play a file on the Aurender, there’s no sound. I couldn’t help but notice that in the manual, it refers to that port in terms of connecting a computer, and not a streamer or another digital source like a transport. Is it possible that port only works with computers?

Craig, I was wondering the same for the Altair G1. I plugged it in and only got these little thumps as I changed inputs.

Little thumps here, too.

Dang, it might be the case that yours isn’t playing nice with a Linux based comp. Our service guys do have a fix for this. Reach out to and he likely will have a fix that can be done in the field. Fingers crossed I’m remembering that correctly.


Thanks, James. I’ll do that tomorrow.

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Thanks gentlemen, I’ll follow up as well.

It appears the Altair does not have digital outs, as it was designed more as a DAC. Both USB ports are for input - one being an actual hard drive, while the other a computer or network drive. The AQ Water on it currently serve nicely enough. I was simply looking for the limits of possibility.

Glad you got it working. The N100H has no analog outs, and no other digital outs except USB. It doesn’t even have a headphone jack, so if I I can’t resolve this, it’s literally useless to me.

I’m interested if you find a solution. I was considering a N100 to connect with my DSJr.

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It’s been about a week and I haven’t heard back, @jamesh . I’m not in a rush, but I also don’t want to sit here indefinitely if the email ended up caught in a spam filter or got routed directly to trash or something. I don’t know whose address that is, but is it a person I could call?

@Craig_Burgess Found ya in the spam filter and replied. Sorry about that!

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The DsJ should work with Linux, no matter the firmware version.

Thanks for the responses, TJ. I just emailed you the SGCD 's S/N yesterday (Saturday the 15th) so you can get an RMA in the works. I hate the idea of being without music while it’s gone, but the possibility of getting this Aurender to work with it is too enticing to pass up.

Just in case it ended up in your spam filter again, I sent an email this morning, TJ, asking if you guys got the unit. It went out from Indy via FedEx last Tuesday the 18th. I’d look up the tracking number myself but I can’t seem to locate my receipt.

Also, any idea on turnaround time?

I don’t see that it’s been checked in quite yet. If it went out on the 18th, I bet it should be here soon. I’ll reach out to the receiving team and try to get it checked in ASAP and on a tech’s bench quickly.

Thanks, James, but I got a couple of emails already this afternoon from Mark and TJ. Mark said the tracking number showed it arrived last night, but apparently it hadn’t been checked in yet. They said it would probably get checked in today and assigned to an engineer, and expected it to be complete in 5-10 days.

If you’ve learned anything different, please let me know. You guys are the best.

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I know I’ve only been without the SGCD for two weeks, but it’s driving me nuts. In the time it’s been gone, two Octave releases have come in the mail (Masters III and Thom Lafond), plus the Warner DuPré/Elgar album and Brandi Carlile’s In These Silent Days, both on LP. No way to play any of them! Arghh!

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You need a vinyl back-up.

Contingency planning

Cool! Does it include a preamp? :wink:

It doesn’t even include the Shelia Jordan Steve Kuhn Playground LP as shown.

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