Continuing on the subject of separation and vinyl, I have been working diligently on voicing and polishing our new phono preamplifier, the NuWave Phono Converter. I don’t want this blog to turn into a sales thing so I am not […]

Details, details… Even synthetic details. :slight_smile:


Great story.

I miss my ARP 2600, but the Moogs did have an incredible sound.

I had to laugh when I saw Paul talking about Kraftwerk. I thought only me and a few of my geek friends new about them!

I actually started building synthesizers in the early 1970’s and invented the world’s first polyphonic synth. I sold one to Walter Carlos but had to renig on it because the CM who was building it fled the town with all the capital we had invested, bankrupting the little company, then called Infinitizer.

So one never got built, but it was cool. We essentially made 10 analog synths and designed a digital keyboard that used multiplexing to see which notes were being pressed, then activated an available synth from the 10 available - one for each finger possible. To bend the notes with key pressure I devised a means of using conductive foam below each key and tied that into the voltage control bus where you could assign it to any of the note generators, modulators or VC components.

It wasn’t until a few years later someone came out with a polyphonic synth, but to my knowledge no one ever built a polyphonic analog synth like the Infinitizer - even to this day. They’re all pale digital devices.


Polyphonic was the Holy Grail at the time. Very, very cool.

Touch sensitivity came much later as well.

euphonite said: I had to laugh when I saw Paul talking about Kraftwerk.

Not my usual listening style but I really enjoy it.
The only one I have is "The Man Machine".
Any others to suggest?

@gordon anything from Kraftwerk :slight_smile:

Actually you may look for the Balanescu Quartet - they have one album playing Kraftwerk on violins. Track Das Model was my wedding tune :wink: