Sigh. I’ve gone and done it

I didn’t want to post this in a specific thread because it’s about multiple components, but now that I’m retired (finally!) and anticipating my audio budget to diminish over time due to lack of continuous feeding, I figured I’d just quicken the pace by ordering a P20 and the new Perfectwave SACD Transport. :roll_eyes: :frowning: :grin:

I called Joey and we worked out a deal I found hard to refuse, so I figured if I don’t do it now, the chances of being able to some time in the future will be less. Yes, I have the P15, but you people yammering on about how the P20 is an improvement over even a P15 (you know who you are… @Paul and others! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) put the classic audio peer pressure on me. That plus the new transport worked out being in my favor for the upgrade path. Yeah, that’s what I’ll tell myself. Buying two things instead of one works in my favor! :man_facepalming:

D@mn it all - I’m getting almost as bad as @aangen! :joy:


@aangen is an inspiration to which many aspire to emulate.


His wife is more forgiving


When I was still blessed with my wife’s company on this Earth, she was a true audio buddy. :slightly_smiling_face: She loved music and had a great ear, oftentimes being my listening partner during upgrades. She’d get a little exasperated sometimes with the costs of some of these upgrades, but she knew it was my hobby and let me play in the sandbox. A rare individual.


I am so very envious, seriously.
When my new speakers come I’m a Deadman.


Are you talking about those huge ice cream cones? You mean to tell me she doesn’t know it’s coming? Boy, are you in trouble. :rofl: :upside_down_face: :grin:

She has no idea I am what I am.
And last week I bought a motorcycle.
A second motorcycle.
I have upgrade disease. There is no cure.

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Congrats @tony22

There is not much better than musical bliss. I look forward to hearing the upgrades.

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Thank you, Al. I was truly a lucky man.

Thanks @senna1a. The big trick will be to see how long it takes me to actually get my system set back up. My new house is currently full of close to 200 boxes. Practically every room has boxes in it. :roll_eyes: Not looking forward to that bit of work.


Update. The P20 and the transport should be here on Tuesday. Hoping they arrive safely. :tada:


You’ll be OK, PS Audio packs their equipment quite well. You might need help moving the P20 around though, it’s quite heavy. I had to get help when I got mine.
Didn’t need time to break in. Sounded fabulous out of the box, and even better with a better fuse and power cord. And this PST is even better than the outstanding DMP.
I am excited for you.

Thanks. Yes, I’ve been impressed with PSA’s packaging. I got my P15 locally, so I didn’t have to worry about shipping damage. At least I could manage that one on my own. The P20 boxed up weighs 137 pounds! :anguished: I’ll definitely need help getting it in the house.

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My last P20 arrived nicely in a brown paper bag, I just told my mrs it was just my usual whisky order :slight_smile:


I didn’t get the fancy white cotton gloves! Oh, the horror! :sob: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


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One pair wouldn’t have done you good anyway. You need two or three pairs for this one.

All kidding aside, though, I guess somebody forgot to toss them in the box before packing it up for shipment. :man_shrugging:

Sorry guys, but this endless upgrading stuff?
It’s a blast!!!

I am never going to stop.
(Not doing the fuse stuff though. No.)

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I look forward to the day when you share your wisdom and lessons learnt with us. By then your profile will read: “wise fellow who has been through it all, and finally found my best system” :+1:t2:

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Right now I’m hearing sound like I never have before. I have enjoyed the large Magnaplaners. I have spent many hours enjoying the MBL experience. But I always liked coming home to my tight little world the Wilsons created for me. A nice little theater to settle into and soak in a bit of ambience. It was all I could hope for, and I really enjoyed it.

Tonight I have an enormous IMAX theater. It’s as large as it was in Chicago the first time heard these peculiar looking speakers in person. At the time I thought the sound so very alien. Soundstage doesn’t work as a descriptor with this setup. It’s massive and endless and the beeps and buzzes come from directions previously unknown. I’m for sure getting seatbelts. At this moment I can’t believe what I’m hearing at all and I’m using very little amplifier and probably not exceeding 80db but still I think I might be vibrating.

I have my work cut out stepping it up from here. Challenge accepted.

Best song so far “TV” by the Flying Lizards.
No wait, “I Remember Gabor” by Danny Frankel on his album “The Vibration of Sound”