I heard my first 200 k analog system today

Well I did a quick impromptu listen today at lyric NYC. It’s where I have purchased two pairs of infinities from years ago.

Anyway the speakers were a brand called focus. 90 k for them alone they looked like a the Wilson audio alexia but far nicer looking. Similar in drivers at looking at them anyway. No ribbons . The turntable and cartridge was about 5k. So no big money there . So just one record so far. They are setting me up with something analog and digital of the same music and artist so for me an equal sample of both.

Imidiatly came the familiar ill sounding crackle and pop. And mike did warn me ahead of time. The music was simple jazz and male vocals. Amps Macintosh . And I think the preamp was too. It was all lighted up the blue they have . Mike was kind and explained the analog sound to listen for. And even commented on the sound of the speakers I was about to hear as well. As it sounded very well

And the pops and such really did not take anything away from the sound. It was nice but my dac sounds far better in the same direction. I then spoke to mike and explained what I have and how it sounds. He said the record that was there is an old record and did know it . As one of my comments was when the music increased in it’s complexity it blurred slightly. He blamed this on the recording and said all analog does not do this. I honestly do think what he said is true. Now the overall tone and clarity was fine as the lows to highs . I think the speakers were very good . And the record was the low point in this. Hopefully this week we can work out something. As for suggestions I can use some . Please help me pick some to email him with . I know there is some vinyl junkies here , who and what . And it should also be for cd as well. I already know the mixing and mastering will most likely be different and I am fine with it. I just want the same stuff. To compare. It’s one thing to here a totally new system but at least familiar music would be a great help. I am also taking there two cd,s I use as a reference as well. And I did not ask what dacs he has either as it does not matter to me. It’s really the analog I want to hear. As I seriously consider a turntable he also said about that it is a ritualistic process in picking out the album cleaning it and watching it spin on the turntable. I laughed as he said it. And told him I already kinda do that when I turn on all the stuff remotely from my iPhone with the Ps audio P10,s. He just starred back at me when he heard my answer. Hahaha. Maybe I have gone to far in this audio stuff. As most hear as well.

Please help me .


Were the Speakers Focal (you wrote focus)? Anyway you were not too far from me (I’m a but further uptown). Maybe when the DS comes in you can come by for a listen if you want on my TAD speakers.

Not sure give me a min.

Yes focal and they were the utopia III. Really nice. Looking. And sound was nice . The room was setup nice as a 2 channel setup. Sorry I guess among other things I need to focus hahaha

And yes I would like to hear your stuff .


Yes what store are you ? I am the city every day . From water st to about 100 streets both east and west.