Please excuse the crudity of this model (video). I didn’t have time to build it to scale or paint it:

Spine tingling setup Paul.

Really bummed I missed meeting you there, would have been cool to shoot the shit about DACs, Stellar, & BHK!

I saw Paul there Friday morning and talked to him for a couple of minutes. It was early in the day and I didn’t want to monopolize him so I left to see other rooms. Came back several more times on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and did not see him again. I knew he was going home early, but it was earlier than I thought! I will say the room sounded real good, though Paul mentioned the electronics had not gotten a good break-in prior to start of the show. The sound got a little better over the three days, from great to wonderful, so in that sense it was a success. One thing I was hesitant to say is aside from Paul, the folks manning the room were not, shall we say, forthcoming. Like I said, I was in the room multiple times (many more times than any other room) and not once did the “other folks” say anything to the people listening. Nothing about what speaker model or what PS Audio components were being used, or even what music was playing. Nor did I see any literature or description of what was in the room. Perhaps I missed that, but unlike almost all other rooms this was missing. I do seem to recall the Scaena room last year was the same way, so this is not a knock on PS Audio. Aside from this room, I only noticed one other room with PS Audio equipment and I think it was an older power plant. Good thing I’m already sold on PS Audio! Actually I’m so happy with the electronics and speakers I don’t plan on any upgrades for a while so this visit to AXPONA was just for fun.

I went in Sat and listened to those 2 songs in the video and a Pink Floyd track. The sub bass was a bit cranked but looked past that, wonder if they tinkered with it after Paul left? Really just interested in the PS equip, not those speakers.

Also, what happened to simple, black XLR cables, hidden out of sight. The piles and piles of funky “metal tube” wires everywhere was a bit silly LOL!

Anyway poked my head in once or twice later on, but alas, no Paul.