Bad review of PS P12

@Paul just seen on the web this bad review

I love PS Audio products and my aim is to let guys in Boulder reply to clarify what is needed.

I use 2 P12s and I’m very happy, I am SURE about improvement in SQ but I have no technical background to say only a single word, just my empirical experience and my ears. For me is enough.

Anyway I would avoid some damage to PS Audio image can come from reviews like these so I encourage PS Audio to defend their name and products, with all engineering competence and acknowledgment they have always been shown to posses. Most of all with human correctness and philosophy I find in this brand and not elsewhere. If they think it is necessary, of course.

I am and will be a proud PS Audio customer without any doubt, so happy that my P12s are regenerating my AC, my sound and my soul.

Sorry if mentioning this review is just a waste of time. Thank you.


Happy Cake Day!

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Thank you Elk! Wow how time passes! And with all bad news from the world! Stay all safe and pray all for people suffering now.


The fact that you (and many others) hear improvements when using the P12 is irrelevant to the folks at ASR. They’re only concerned with measurements.

While I agree measurements can be important, they’re only important if they measure the right thing. If what many hear is not reflected in the measurements, I would suggest the wrong thing is being measured, or at best, the thing being measured doesn’t matter to sound quality.

Just my opinion.


Too much “baggage” and “nonsense” over at ASR, for my taste. On balance, I find the content to be non-credible and the atmosphere to be toxic.

One man’s opinion; and my reasons for not benefiting the site with the value of a “hit”/click from my mouse.

YMMV, as they say.

Apologies for the thread-jack.


Its funny ASR was being mentioned but not by name by a Youtube “influencer” calling out the new age reviewers. Everyone knows its hard to believe a magazine that takes advertising money when they review something. . That doubt is always there. He called out ASR as one of those sites that has such a following they are turning into that. I too take what they say there with a grain of salt.

I ignore 99% of opinions coming from ASR.


Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! :wink:


ASR seems to have a “hit list” of companies that they like to take down. His choice of measurements are usually not those that a true engineer would recommend in evaluations.

It’s good to make the most out of ASR’s position. It’ll make our own arguments better. That much is for sure true.

I’ve never understood (or come to trust) the measurement tools used by Amir or why they would hyper-accurately reflect sound quality. Anybody smart about his tool set?

I like proper data. A lot.

Graphs >>>>>>> hyperbole.

Their audience base is specifically anti-audiophile, and many comments on their reviews feed on each other’s toxicity.


Lots of good audio products get bad reviews by ASR. I wouldn’t draw any conclusions, positive or negative, about a product based on an ASR review.


I have come to the conclusion that ASR purposely creates controversial reviews to drive for clicks on their website. It’s just another form of trolling.


If someone could convince another that a dish wouldn’t taste good based on the proportions of its ingredients, or how an automobile would perform based on parts used to build it and a person believed it, I could understand their appreciation for reviews of that nature.

ASR is a typical non listening, cable hating fool who also claims the Directream DAC can only resolve 15 bits. He is not worth the recognition as he has no credibility!


The fact that the amp of ours I like the least got a good review from him tells me all I need to know about the quality and validity of his reviews.


There is more than enough sand in the Sahara for Amir and his flock to stick their heads into. Ignorance is bliss. Alternative facts, alternative interpretation, and closed minds breed ignorance.


The only positive thing I can say about ASR is that I wish they were right. If all cables did perform the same, I’d have a vacation home somewhere in southern Portugal.


Which one is it?

Mmm, I’ve said it somewhere here before. If you do some digging, you can probably find it.

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