Here's the correct way of measuring a Power Plant

With all the controversy surrounding the measurement of the P12 Power Plant we thought it useful to show how the measurements for output impedance, distortion, waveshape, etc. are properly made. Who best to show us than the Power Plant’s designer, PS Audio’s Chief Engineer, Bob Stadtherr. In this video we measure the P12, show why it matters with impedance, explain MultiWave, and show why it’s important to have low distortion sine waves (not because the harmonics are bad but because they are a symptom of what we don’t want, flat topped AC).

You can watch the video we put together here.


Great response @Paul. What an idea testing the device for it was actually designed for instead of saying SINAD is the end all be all of measurements.


Thank you Paul,

love your way to put an end to discussions. Period.

Great video, appreciate PS Audio people, not only products.

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Thank you, Bob and Paul

Great stuff!

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Glad to see the video of Paul and Bob explaining with measurements the benefit provided by a Power Plant. This is so much the opposite of the misinformation being put out by the likes of ASR


Very nice explanation! I have a better understanding of my P15 functions too.

Bravo boys! :clap:

I am surprised by the amount of voltage sag when the load is switched in when the power is coming from the wall.

Paul thank you for providing this video on the functions
of the P12 and power regenerators…Bob Stradtherr/s
walk talk through is invaluable.

The illustrative screen shots of the incoming clipped sine wave
and outgoing regenerated sine wave has long been
needed…as well as the numerical chart showing the %thd
incoming and outgoing…

There is no arguing these!!

Thanks guys!!

Best wishes

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The first thing I heard when I plugged everything into my P12 way back was the sense of ease it took to the music. The lower noise and the uncompressed dynamic on the drum recording. It impressed me so much, I dragged my brother over to hear it. My brother heard it and ordered a P12 for himself right away! He also absolutely loved what the P12 did in his system. End of story.


Pretty cool! Thanks, Bob and Paul!

If you guys keep doing stuff like this, I will have to go groveling to my wife for permission to buy a power-plant :open_mouth: :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


wait–what?? YOU don’t have a Power Plant?!? I am flummoxed.

3 reasons: money, wife, and we don’t really have a suitable spot for one right now.


Ask your wife if selling the sewing machine and using the money for a PP, which will take the spot formerly occupied by the sewing machine works for her.
Be sure to have a pillow and blanket stashed somewhere outside.


That’s a fantastic suggestion!

There’s no problem this forum can’t solve.


Yup–We’re blessed and we should strive to give back.


And here we thought you had a Power Plant… :smile: :grin:
You had us all fooled… :upside_down_face:
We feel for you…One day for sure…vere der iz a vill der is a vay :innocent:

Best wishes pal

FWIW, I did not find this particularly effective as a response to the ASR barbs.

That said, it was a great overview of the P12’s features’ purported purpose.

I think the community would enjoy videos showcasing other PSA products in a similar manner.

Thanks Paul.

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I think that’s hits the point of the issue. Amir did not test for the purpose of the Power Plant. He did the same test he does for just about everything. The noise that all these components emit is so low what is he looking for? this DAC is .0000001 and this dac is .00001. In reality whats the difference? But how do they sound? The test Paul and Bob did is to show what the unit is designed to do, period. After that, its what did it do in your system.

The interesting thing happening in this small community on the internet is everyone is starting to talk about these tests… sides are forming… its quite interesting to see what these people we watch weekly think of them. Darko, Thomas Stereo etc. all ringing in.