Bad usb cable for DS?

I am new to Directstream( ist version )
My problem is I can’t get a usb signal to it, psa wants me to try a host of different cables and funny my favorite audio quest usb cable works fine on all my other 5 systems so can this be true?
I ask as I had to go out of town and it’s bothering me before I get home in 3 weeks.

What are you using as a source to feed the DAC?

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How long is the cable you are using now?

Ted noted that many of these audiophile USB cables are actually out of spec for USB cables… it is a computer standard you know.

Just do it… pull out anyone from that box in your closet…

Bruce in Philly (now Atlanta)

Thanks so much !!!
I just did

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Couple of things. I think u said this is the first version. Do you have a red light or green light on the screen for the input? Do you have anything upstream from it like a matrix?

I have found that sometimes I have to unplug the power on my matrix and then power it back up. I recycle the directstream as well. And I get my green light. I ‘think’ this happens after a short power outage??? But I’m really not sure.

I got it!
A perfectly great shunts usb cable I’ve used for 2 years worked perfectly for 3 systems don’t work for the directstream
Took it off and put in another and all is good shunts is on another high end system and performs flawlessly
Weird eh but true

I have problems with my USB to DirectStream DAC where the connection is just lost. I have to reboot my computer and DAC a few times before I get lock… However, I am using some really long USB cable across my room that has a built in repeater… so I am clearly out of USB specification so I can’t really blame the DirectStream for this. Anywho… the DirectStream appears “sensitive” to a proper USB signal. I am not complaining because I do get it to work… but cables are important to locking.

Bruce in Philly