Balance Control and Maximum Output With DS Sr

I know this has been discussed before but trying to search this forum for a past topic is impossiblecrying_gif. I noticed the volume of my DS Sr decrease with me having to boost up the preamp volume. When I checked the balance both channels were at 84 rather than 100 which they were previously. When I try to increase in one channel it remains at 84 and the other channel decreases, etc. I tried a power cycle but it powers up again only to 84 with same behavior of increase one channel decrease the other.

Can somebody remind me of how to deal with this? Thanks.

BTW: No matter what I try to search it just shows recent topics that have nothing to do with the search item. The forum seems useful for contemporary discussions but useless as a reference for troubleshooting. Luckily there are responsive members here who usually can direct one to the fix. The equipment manuals are not a viable resource for most troubleshooting. (Got that off my chestshaking-head-no-smiley-emoticon_gif)

Duh! Never mindembarassed I just rediscovered the volume control on the remote!


Using Google, Bing, etc. with “” on the end of your query works reasonably well.

Yeh, the balance control makes sense if you want it to always keep working as you are adjusting the balance, but then if you started with too loud of a volume undoing the adjustment isn’t intuitive. In analog systems balance doesn’t do anything when the volume is maximized but we sort of expect that. One could argue that the DS shouldn’t do anything when one side or the other reaches 100, but either way someone will be confused.