Volume drops drastically on Directream DAC

Ran into a weird problem today. I initially was getting no volume from my DAC, even when I tried different inputs (albeit from the same source, which I have used for years, a Bryston BDP-1). Then I noticed a red light next to the volume control bar on the DAC’s screen. I tried raising the volume, but nothing. I did a soft reboot. I then got a green light and volume, but really low. A piece I normally play at volume 45 required about 90. I then did a hard reboot, and the volume increased, but it doesn’t seem nearly as high as it was last night – and for the past several years. I noticed that I can turn volume on the DAC all the way to 106 (it was set at 100), but that still has me nearing 90 on some quieter pieces – something I have never come anywhere close to before. Any ideas of what might be going on? I also reset the Bryston along the way, but that made no difference.

Is the difference that the 20dB attenuator is now engaged? (It changes the levels by 40 on the volume.) You can change it in the setup screen or with the “filter” button on old remotes or the “DAC Level” button on new remotes. You can get to the setup screen by pressing the “Gear” icon in the upper left of the screen.

That did it, Ted! I guess I bumped the DAC Level button when changing the preamp volume. Annoying, but not nearly as bad as the 10 times I have accidentally powered off the preamp while attempting to lower the volume – and I don’t have yuge hands! Thanks.

Excellent news!

I fortunately do not have yuge hand either. :slight_smile:

And welcome!

I am not sure if this has happened to anyone with their DSD DAC.

Few weeks ago while listen to music all of a sudden my music went dead quiet, at that time I thought connection between my server was lost.

Normally when the connection is broken the DSD display does not indicate anything playing.

As I looked at the DSD screen I can see the album cover along with progress bar moving forward counting up, then the next track came up on the display, connection icon in green but no music through my loud speakers.

The ether socket at rear of the DAC is displaying traffic.

I thought perhaps my BHK pre has become faulty, switched BHK to cd player input, played a cd and music.

Anyway I powered down my DSD DAC for 5 minutes and power up DAC and music played.

This is now occurring randomly during playback and first start up in the morning, my DAC is powered up 24/7, I am losing audio output although my DAC is displaying that music is playing.

At the same time audio can be heard on my controlling hand held device which I think that the server is delivering.

I have never had this during the past 9 years.

Any ideas please share.

Thank you

I assume you are using the Bridge since you mention seeing an album cover.

There’s a known bug in the bridge software that (every once in a while) lowers the volume to 60. That problem was lessened with Huron, but there are still some reports of it.

It’s been my experience that JRiver MC at times changes options unexpectedly during some updates - if you are using JRiver MC you might want to check all of your bridge related settings.

Tho it’s rare, every once in a while things like this happens and is related to the remote. Perhaps another device shares some remote codes with the DS or perhaps a new LED or florescent lamp or even the sun is shining on the remote receiver of the DS and causing a mute or volume change.

Some of these can be ruled out if you note whether the mute indicator comes on and whether the volume setting changes when this problem happens.