Balanced vs single ended

Why do certain amps have a toggle switch to choose between the two while others do not?

Welcome @dconfalone !

Welcome @dconfalone
The addition of such switches on outputs and inputs is a purist approach. This said, most outputs permit the use of both at the same time, but not nputs.

Thanks for the reply and the welcome. I’m getting back into high end audio from a 20 year break and there’s some new things out here. So I can connect a subwoofer to the single ended outputs while using balanced for power amp?

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I’m using a DSJ by the way.

Because you’re using a DSJ, yes, you can absolutely do this. It’s very common for folks to use the balanced out to the amp, and single ended to the subs.

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In my case, I am using the DSD balanced outputs to drive BHK preamp and the single ended ones to drive a vintage AKG headphones amp.