DSJ? Do balanced outputs remain balanced when also using RCA outputs

Thought I read somewhere that balanced analog outputs from DSJ somehow “go single ended” when the RCA (single ended) analog outputs are also used. True?

Current setup: DAC/preamp; each balanced output into a professional sub that outputs into professional active monitors; both single ended output channels sent to a 3rd consumer subwoofer via “Y” interconnect cable. (I quite prefer the multiple sub approach for better bass performance.)


The balanced outputs are still balanced and the single ended are still single ended, no matter what’s plugged in.

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The BHK preamp outputs are probably where you got this impression. Using both balanced and single ended outputs on it will effectively unbalance the entire output but it likely won’t matter.

Thanks Ted!

Just received my DSJ yesterday (was impatiently trying to read up after pulling the trigger). 14 hours on the DSJ is sounding better and better. Understand a long break-in is to be expected. Feeding it from my MacBook Air via a 10ft long USB, I listen mid-field (want to move to a server as soon as I learn enough - am a huge computer dunce). DSJ connects to a CSS (consumer sub via RCA) and a pair of PreSonus T10 subs via each XLR. The T10 subs then pass thru to JBL 708P active monitors in my 8ft x 13ft x 21ft insulated room that has 6 (soon to be 10) GIK 2ft x 4ft 244 (high density fiberglass) absorption panels.