Belden ICONOCLAST Interconnects and Speaker Cabling


Indeed it does, the wife is tired of seeing new equipment all the time but figures it’s way better then the amount of time I used to spend in bars, etc…


Yes, I use the PS DMP to the PS DAC with the I2S cable and the XLR 4x4 fro the DAC to the XP-30 pre amp and XLR 4x4 pre to W-8.



What I’ve found to work best in my systems is to put the best cable upstream . . . so if you only had one of these I’d put it between DAC and preamp.


mmmm… XP-30


It’s kind of funny Ron, if not for your comment on the XP-20 being so good I would not have gotten the XP-22. I had originally bought the XP-12 but the comment stuck with me and I figured you only buy a preamp once in a long long time, so…


I upgraded to the XP-22. The differences over the 20 are subtle but beautiful at first and become more obvious over time, going back and forth comparing. I’m very happy with Nelson and Wayne’s designs.
btw, I tried an XP-12 that I borrowed from a friend and I loved it. But each increment up is a genuine improvement. These guys are excellent.


The nice thing about Iconoclast cables is that, that part of the system, is wrapped up, I mean for me the search is o-v-e-r.


I just replaced the TPC Gen2 XLR’s with the OFE version. I’m listening to Nat Cole Trio SACD “After Midnight”.
I’ll listen and compare for a couple weeks but I’d say that after an hour, these things are going to be an additional financial burden. Damn.


Ok–Listening to Ruby Braff’s cornet and it’s never sounded more mellifluous. Ditto Howard Alden’s archtop and Jack Lesburg’s upright.


They just shipped mine today…
Unfortunately these cables did make a difference (not so much over my MG Audio but the other one for sure). It is bad to note the others are going to as well…


Just did my taxes…no ICONCLASTs for me at the moment. Crap!


Death & Taxes… Happened to me last year that way, the tax part.

I was looking for a broken heart emoji for you, oh wait, here is one :broken_heart:

I feel for you @amsco


I assume just the tax part :joy:


Ha, I just edited to add that!

It is super annoying when the taxes don’t work out. I don’t super plan around it, but I generally don’t get it as wrong as last year…


After two weeks running the OFE Gen2 XLRs betwen DSD Sr > BHK preanp > BHK 250>
Iconoclast SPTPC speaker cables > Polk Audio SDA-SRS2 speakers (with DMP > PS Audio-supplied I2S >DSD Sr as source), I tried putting back TPC Gen 2 XLR replacing OFE, first between DSD and BHK preamp, then between BHK preamp and BHK 250, then back to two TPC Gen 2 XLRs.
Based on the listening tests in my system with my ears, with various types of music,
the OFE Gen2 XLRs will be staying permanently in both positions going forward.


As I promised Ron, no cigs on the playground…or maybe you were right! Enjoy, it’s going to be a snowy weekend for you my friend.


Great news Roger, please let me know about the 3rd pair and what we need to do on lengths. Have a great weekend Roger.


Received my speaker cables today, which completes my full Iconoclast loom:

  • Gen 1 digital interconnect from streamer to DAC
  • Gen 2 XLRs from DAC to Pre
  • Gen 2 XLRs from Pre to Power
  • Speaker cables

It all sounds great but in all honesty I also put in an Auralic streamer and subscribed to Qobuz all at the same time so which piece did what, I don’t exactly know. I do have the peace of mind that my cables are all set for some time, and the very best money can buy in my range. The terminations by Bluejeans are immaculate. Do keep in mind that the cables themselves are fairly stiff so they need some length and space to make wide bends.


Sounds good… How long are these? And: Could you make some pictures of the Iconoclast cableing? Try to figure out if they would fit behind my rack/system…


Digital interconnect is 2ft XLRs are 3ft speaker 8ft. Measured to size to avoid having to coil them. Space from rack to wall is 8”. Behind back of equipment 14”. Both are plenty.