Recommend cables to me! Please?

What kind of speaker cables and interconnects do you guys like? Looking to upgrade from my Amazon Basics / Sewells

Can you give an overview of your system, what you want to achieve/overcome and what you are willing to spend? That would help to narrow down the million choices - and recommendations…

If you’re not working with a huge budget, I normally point people in the direction of Blue Jeans. They make some great stuff and the value is really good. I use Anticables in my system and couldn’t be happier. I run an older pair of B&Ws in the main system and they really helped to get rid of some glare I was getting in the highs. I don’t have as much experience with them, but a few of my colleagues love Audioquest.


Tekton Pendragons for Speakers currently driven by Emotiva gear. I intend to purchase the GCD / M700 later this year though. I guess I hope to achieve better sound generally speaking, I cant be getting the best out of my current cables.

Budget $500 for cables total (speaker cables + interconnects). I know this is only dipping a toe but I expect there will be some improvement.

MG Audio Planus. Wireworld.

Kimber make some very nice sounding, inexpensive cables. I had their “Hero” rca’s in a system and they sound very nice. Try The Cable Co.
Also, try Blue Jeans Cable, Belden

I agree with RonP, Kimber Kable 12vs and Hero interconnects are hard to beat for the money.

I use Blue Jeans Cable (coax, speaker and XLR) with my GCD/M700 combo and they work fine for me. Before I invest any more in cables/interconnects, I would upgrade some of the components in my system. i.e. a better dac like the DS Sr.

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I recently upgraded to Audio Quest Rocket 33’s from Audio Advisor and have been very pleased.

Mogami Speaker Cable, part number depends on bi-wire or not, with Furez terminations from AV outlet.
There are much cooler terminations like WBT but I doubt they sound any different.
Ive had Tara, MIT, Transparent…and Mogami is the cleanest to MY ears–Ive even experimented with low voltage underground 10AWG w/o terminations…sounds good to me too.

I am using Duelund DCA16GA hookup wire for my Tekton Double Impact speakers and love it. I would also look at Duelund DCA12GA if you think you need thicker wire:

I have tried all kinds of speaker wire and I keep coming back to the Duelund. I use bare wire connections at the amp and the speaker binding posts.

I even made my own interconnects using Duelund DCA20GA wire and they sound better than $1000 interconnects.

Try Zu Audio, spend money on the mission mk 2 speaker cable, the rest on mk1 interconnects through ebay

They’re having mk2 interconnects on sale too now if you can squeeze it

Audioquest are my favourites. Just decide on your budget and pick which one fits it. I’ve gone through all the levels of their cables over the years and the sweet spot is in their top end copper cables (for my tastes) - but all their cables sound good.

Dick Shahinian Recommended Kimber Kable 8 TC and 4 TC I have been using them in my system for years. I also use their Hero XLR between all my components.

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Homemade Canare 4S11. Purchased bulk from Blue Jeans Cable. You can also buy them terminated. Very affordable / good quality speaker cables.

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Upon advise of the dealer where I ordered my SGCD I ordered Atlas Element series cables. I still need to ouch the combo up when the SGCD arrived. Hopefully next week, I’ll post some pictures and report my first impression.

I have played around with cables a lot over the years but nothing has given me the bang per buck as much as MG Audio design cables. I kid you not it was like all my components had been upgraded. I have had good improvements in the past but these speaker cables gave a leap forward, the interconnects were more subtle a change. Try Audio Archon they often sell ex dem pairs.

Have moved on from single ended (RCA) interconnects and speaker cables to all balanced (XLR) cables and gear. So much snake oil in audio cabling!

If stuck with RCA’s and speaker cable, recommend Blue Jean Cable as using recognized industry standards that are priced right, precious little need to go beyond. If you think you need to go further use The Cable Company for in-home trials.

Here’s a good link for basic audio cabling information:

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I never really thought of this until it was recommended to me from a customer rep. at the Cable Company. Try buying used. Just so happened that The Music Room had 2 meter Audioquest Water XLRs for about 40% off. 9/10, original box. Very happy. Also, try Audiogon.

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@winston007 I agree. Another good place to find used cables is the sister site for The Cable Co.,