My cables sold, so carte blanche as to what you want to talk about in this thread

I purchased these from the original owner here in the PS Audio forum in August. He bought them new from Iconoclast.

They were used in my system for 3 months and perfectly cared for. I am in need of a longer pair as I am moving the speakers to my longer wall to increase space between the speakers.

Purchase will include the spec sheet test data. These sell new for $2320 plus shipping.

I am selling this cable set for $1620, shipping free anywhere in CONUS. PayPal accepted with 3.5% added or can pay using “Friends & Family” for no extra fee.

I haven’t taken pics, but will. However, here are the pics from the person I bought them from and they look the same.

You like them enough that you are buying a longer pair?

Indeed! I have a second set I’ll be listing later. Thought it has one large spade end and one banana end. Used that set for my plasma tweeter.

I should probably grab these from you but I am slumming with Sigmas right now with a set of another brand that cost me $200 sitting in my closet saying “Try Me Again!”. They were in the system for awhile and when I switched back to the Sigmas I thought “hmmmm” like something was missing. I never know what I’ll believe and I am usually sad when I do. I can’t commit at the moment. Sigh.

All good brother! These things do come up from time to time so if you ever get the urge at some point in the future, I’m sure you will be able to pick up a set at a discount. There are just too damn many options in this hobby! Sometime I get the itch and come close to bringing in something to compare. I may still, but these Icono’s sound so good.

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I run a pair of these. They are fantastic and I trialed all three coppers. You definitely would not lose money if they were not your cup of tea. If you like rounded edges on your music and not every detail and blurred imaging get something else.

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This set has officially sold, but I do have a 6ft pair available as mentioned above.

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I am happy for you that you sold them! I am somewhat pleased I was able to resist. I don’t get to know how they sound in my setup, but for once I was able to resist.

Wait, six foot pair?!!

Not one to throw gas on a smoldering fire. But the shorter pair I purchased vs. the trial cables were even more revealing…

Oh alright then. I’ll take the six footers.

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Here is the listing for the 6’ pair.

I just want to note, large spades on one end and bananas on the other… in case you weren’t aware.


Welcome to the iconoclast club! I see Gen2 OCC XLRs in your future. Though the OFEs are no slouches. You need to talk to Bob@bjc about a free trial when your new electronics arrive and are settled.

I have over $25k worth of Stealth interconnects on order. Bob will have to wait.

Wow those look like impressive air tube and helium tube technology. A load of other composite and carbon technology. Which sets are you getting?

Stealth Sakra V16 XLR
Connecting the new Kalliope DAC and the new Pandora preamp.

Stealth Sakra v12 XLR
Connecting the Pandora and the Antileon EVO amplifier

Stealth Dream V18-UNI AC cords
Many, the amp and preamp each take two, the DAC only one.

Stealth Dream V16 AC cord to connect a Puritan PSM-156 power conditioner that the preamp and DAC will plug into. The Amp goes straight into two dedicated 20 amp circuits. No P20 in the system.

Stealth USB-T Select V3 cause it’s been weeks since I tried a new USB cable.

Madness, absolute madness. I can’t wait to hear Devo on these cables!

(I am going to use the P20 with my popcorn popper)
(Once I work out the correct feet for it when used in this way)


Thats an expensive way to make popcorn. But at least you have some Shunyata cables to power the P20 and the maker.

Please let us know how the boutique gear and cables has improved your listening experience. BTW have my P20 burning in running ultimate premier bees wax fuses and a HDPlex LPS and just an iconoclast power cable all connected to a cable modem and router. Plan to finally populate my Rack tonight. I dread the set up snd connection octopus not to mention redoing the DSP. . . Shame I donated the popcorn maker years back. Hopefully P20 helps something in my system.

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Just as an FYI I have two P20’s each feeding a BHK 300 and the onboard sub amp in my Spatial X5’s. I have been running both with just stock power cords. Last weekend I was able to hook up a set of BAV power cords in place of the stock ones and it was literally like adding another component. The bass is much more defined and the overall SQ is much better. Kind of amazing really.
I haven’t tried hooking up the popcorn maker or the coffe machine yet. I’ll try that soon :grin:


Did you get the 20 amp version for the BAV cord with the High Current watt Gate 350 AUHC iec connector or are yours 15 amp? I am excited to hear your experience. Maybe I should hook up a crockpot, toaster and electric tea kettle. Covid has killed shirt ironing.

I am using a 20 amp x 15 amp adapter and the 15 amp cord end. I did not know a 20 amp end was available. I will have to give Bob a call.
I am going to buy more of these for the rest of the source components so I can use the 15 amp cord with one of them if a 20 amp end is available.
I think I will plug the Christmas tree lights in to see if they are brighter too. :thinking:

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