Best Father's Day Gift Ever

My 33 year-old daughter knows me so well. I thought there’s no way she could beat last year’s gift:

But just wait until you see this - an audiophile’s DREAM:

Says so right there on the back of the package:

And here it is - eat your heart out you fans of Mcintosh, Luxman, VPI - this is your DADDY:

Of course the tone-arm swivels and the dust cover lowers. It comes with 3 (count 'em) records

You might think this is cheap because when it plays, the platter doesn’t turn on its own - but ye of little faith listen up because each record plays its own music - there are magnets on the back that tell the turntable which tune to play.

All you do is turn the disk (handling by the edges of course) a revolution and it plays that song. The 70s funk is the best. I recorded all 3, but this forum won’t allow you to upload mp3 - some *&@!$ audio forum this is - I even tried to convert it to 192/24 FLAC and no luck. Oh well, you just have to trust me that the quality is exquisite!

Now to figure out where to put it in the audio room where the rest of the stuff won’t get in the way.

Oh, almost forgot - there’s an instruction manual that comes with that has oodles of great information, like:


That’s awesome - congrats on a great gift!! Maybe you should start a new “What’s spinning…?” thread :blush: I bet Degritter has an ultrasonic cleaner that will ensure you hear all that your discs have to offer!

Looks like the designer was heavily influenced by ca. 1970 Duals. :wink:

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It might have been the only turntable picture available in China.

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Maybe not my own thread, but maybe to add it to the existing What’s Spinning…