How about turntable lighting?... It's an accessory AND a tweak!

Bought a new “turntable” light. What are you using?

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No light… just night vision goggles.


I have a small battery driven hand light that I temporarily put in the one hand when lowering the needle with the other when it’s too dark. A fixed lamp at the player is too much for my taste in my situation.

From the first pic, I thought there was a camera mounted in it - then noticed it was a different 'table. That might be an interesting product for those with Bling Rigs and Big TVs ; )

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Xmas lights. May leave them up…


I never even considered turntable lighting, interesting thought.

Most of the time I don’t need a light. But I do keep a flashlight within reach if needed.


Didn’t know those Denon based turntables so far…interesting concept…was not aware that Denon”s are still in business.

No PBN Audio is the maker. This is the PBN-DP80 which is part of their Vintage Direct line. It is based on the Denon DP80.

Hey, I like that! I also like that Scout. One of these days I plan on upgrading to one of those.

Speaking of upgrading, I have an acrylic platter coming for my table along with that ONZOW Zerodust. At some point, I may even upgrade to the aluminum sub-platter and new bearing. That is, if they ever get them back in stock.

And I need more color vinyl. What’s that album you have on the table?

Unfortunately, most of the time when I get to relax and spin vinyl, it’s at night.

That is a Reveleation from Local kids Vinyl Me Please (though many of their monthly vinyl subscription mailings were not my thing, this one made the Year subscription worth it For Me - nota bene). Someone mentioned that they have been able to resell their undesired albums for more than they paid…

the books (no caps intentional) from circa 15 years ago, “The Lemon of Pink”.

This is a record I play for folks who think vinyl is not Up To digital. They go, “Wait - this is Vinyl?!?”

It has tracks in it which feature both digital and analog artifacts - “album” surface noise, zero-crossing digital ticks on the beat, etc. but all musical. Just fab shit. But had never heard of them until a few years ago when I received it in the mail as part of a subscription.

Off to the PS Audio Colorado Audio Society meeting.


Not my pics, but this is what I spin my vinyl on… the ginormous platter lights up nicely with a led

source either behind or underneath.


Cost about $10. Maximum the job’s worth.


Just took a few more pics a little bit ago. This light has the side benefit of also lighting up the album jacket on display for better viewing from the listening seat. Not that it really matters, but fun none the less.

Pay no mind to that guy on the TV screen… LOL


Am I the only one curious as to the origin, price, link to buy, etc. of the OP’s light? If so, consider this post a formal request for the above info…thanks.

Having held off for Digital Centuries since its inception, and just today having Gone There with the help of a former IBM employee and Early Adopter of the system, I just got some Philips Hue kit.

Put in a half dozen bits on two floors. I haven’t yet installed, but could/will be programming, “Hey Siri/Alexa, light the turntable”, and could subsequently say/yell that from the kitchen or whathaveyou, and the iPad sitting on the music room couch would execute it. Or the Phone from the road. And can say at any time, “Turn the TT blue” or whatever.

Selling my soul to the Digi-Devil, and opening a mic to my house/life…but I must admit, it’s cool.

Comes with own light.



I very rarely understand anything your post…