Do You Have a Turntable?

  • I currently do not own a turntable
  • I currently do not own a turntable but plan to at some point
  • I currently own a turntable but it requires repair or parts
  • I currently own a functioning turntable but it’s not in my rack
  • I currently own a functioning turntable located in my rack but it’s not connected
  • I currently own a functioning turntable, connected to my system, but almost never use it
  • I currently own a functioning turntable, connected to my system, and use it occasionally
  • I currently own a functioning turntable, connected to my system, and use it a moderate amount (~50% of listening)
  • I currently own a functioning turntable, connected to my system, and use it a lot (definitely more than 50% of listening)
  • I currently own a functioning turntable, connected to my system, and use it most of the time (occasionally use other sources)
  • I currently own a functioning turntable, connected to my system, and use it for all my listening

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I own some records but no way to play them. Can that be an option?

I have 2 turn tables, can that be an option to.


The pandemic and resulting lockdown have triggered some changes here. I own circa 5,000 CDs/SACDs/HDCDs/XRCDs/K2 etc etc. Have a half-decent TT too (Clearaudio Emotion SE w/Nagaoka MP500 cart) but only had bought approximately 150 or so records before covid-19. Interestingly enough now that I have more time to sit down, enjoy in good spirit (and drinking a good spirited beverage!) I have ordered more vinyl than ever before, really enjoying the process aws. I would split my current listening habit 33% vinyl-33% shiny discs-34% streaming :slight_smile:

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I have 4 3 working. My main table is a Dr Feickert Blackbird with Thales Simplicity II tonearm and an Ortofon MC A95

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Very interesting results so far.

I have three functioning ancient turntables - 301/SME3012, 401/3009 improved, TD125 with TP16 arm. All have top flight MMs. I’ve ordered an Audio Technica OC9XSL having never owned an MC, let alone a fancy line contact stylus. I’ve got quite a few LPs from the late 60s and 70s and have bought quite a few modern LPs for comparison with the CD. I find a lot of the old LPs do sound better than the CD release but when it comes to modern recordings the CD wins every time.


The Audio Technica OC9XSL arrived today (I wasn’t expecting it for another four weeks). I’m mighty impressed, it actually sounds pretty close to CDs and hasn’t put a foot wrong having played three different LPs. Excellent.

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I have two turntables and use occasionally.


Almost gave up on Vinyl, had a really good deck, (Michell Orbe/ SME V/ Dynavector XX2 mk2) but it was such a faff with the screw down clamp and worrying about the suspension spring bounce being set right was triggering my audiophillia nervosa, that I tended to listen to digital more.

Didn’t help matters that I’d just upgraded my DS Dac to Windom :slight_smile:
Put the turntable up for sale actually, and was going to use the funds towards upgrading my digital front end.

So sold it and went into local Dealer to hear some digital kit.
Long story short, also demo’ed the latest and greatest turntable from UK Brand Rega, and fell in love again with vinyl!
Planar 10 with Apheta 3 cart.
Best laid plans n such.

Probably a 50/50 split between vinyl and Roon through the DS.
Happy days.


Rega RP-10 with just purchased Aphelion2 cart feeding the Stellar Phono Pre. This combination is easily the very best I’ve heard vinyl through my system. Also, just used an ultrasonic cleaning setup on all of my LPs (about 400). Time consuming yes, but well worth the fuss IMO.

Nice deck man.
The Aphelion 2 cart is on my radar for the future, but want to get the Aura phonostage first.

Rega rocks!

Rega does rock! I bought the RP-10 used and had an issue with the motor controller. The local dealer Sound Organisation (highly recommended) worked with Rega to replace the entire guts of the motor drive with the latest version (I think the same as the Planar 10). Cost to me = $0 including shipping too!

And you won’t believe the Aphelion2 cart. I had the Apheta2 which is great for the money and received a $500 discount on the Aphelion2 through The Sound Organisation also.

That’s a cool RCA placard behind the LP.

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Thanks, Its an old advertisement sign I thing it could have a light in it, its like new condition I found it a antiques store in Pennsylvania

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The old linear tracking tonearm is mocked by the new linear tracking tonearm.

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My RP-10 with a Soundsmith Zephyr MIMC Star Cartridge is so very simple to use and love. It is so quiet that pops and clicks are so rare as to not be bothersome. I have to give a lot of credit to my AUDIO DESK - Vinyl Cleaner PRO Record Cleaning Machine as well. I can’t believe how effective that machine is. Is it worth the big bucks? Hell yes!

I know i posted these in the system photos thread, but here we are…

I have three active turntables. Two others that are less so.

Thorens TD-121 (I built the walnut plinth)

Thorens TD-126 MKII (I made the walnut armboard)

And this is the Thorens TD-150 MKI (now below the TD-126. I built the plinth for that, too. I like building plinths.)

You’d think with three vintage tables I’m only into vinyl, but I play records maybe 25% of the time. Roon streaming Qobuz/Tidal or local ripped FLAC files is the other 75%.


VPI Aries Scout, about 16 years old, currently with an Ortofon 2M Bronze, though in this pic, which I use just for the fun of what a red LP does to the acrylic platter, I still had my old Sumiko BPS. The phono preamp has been upgraded, too, from this old Channel Islands VPP-1 to their new PEQ-1 Mk II.


Here’s the 2M Bronze in action.

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