Best Jethro Tull Live album(s)

I’ve started to get back into the legends Jethro Tull… watched some of their amazing performances on YouTube and I’d like to know which live album of theirs is good? Meaning performed well, AND recorded well? Any ideas?

“jethro tull - live at madison square garden (1978)”

this is a combo DVD / CD
I have never played the CD, but the same11 songs are on both, with the DVD has more (extras)

great with his voice at his prime…

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I like “Nothing Is Easy: Live at the Isle of Wight Festival.”


Thanks guys! I think Jethro Tull is one of the most under-rated rock bands of all time! To somehow blend FLUTE with rock sound is simply astonishing! Also, the way their music goes through various arrangements within ONE SONG so smoothly is totally incredible!

I wish I was older and could have seen them live during their prime, BUT thank god for HiFi to preserve their genius for generations to come!

They were my first rock concert (if you discount seeing REO Speedwagon play in my high school gym in 1972). As a freshman in college in Chicago I saw them on their Thick as a Brick tour at the no-longer Chicago Stadium, where the Blackhawks used to play. There was so much pot going around the whole arena smelled like a vacant lot on fire.

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