Best Original and Cover

It’s a classic John Prine song.

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Oh, I knew I could easily look it up, even uninterested as I am.

I was responding to your comment “I’m confident we all know the original…,” wondering if there really is such a thing.

Classic Prine and album cover as well as this:

I know, right? Perhaps if the original had of been an iconic Beatles tune! Then there would actually have been a chance of everyone knowing the original.

There are some Beatles songs many would know, but I find twenty somethings and even older often do not know much if anything of the Beatles.

A good suggestion.

Talking of covers, what do you good people make of this? Nearly fifteen minutes of On the Road Again. The whole album is quite interesting.

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Pleasantly surprised seeing as I clicked completely expecting some bizarre version of a Willie Nelson tune… :crazy_face: :notes: :cow:

How dare you suggest I would post something like that! :innocent:
Where’s that Greta emoji when you need it :wink:
The whole album is quite worth listening. Much easier to the ears than to categorise into a genre.

Crep - that album isn’t on Tidal or Spotify… :disappointed:

It’s on bandcamp if that’s of any use.

A free download no less:


Canned Heat

Yup - I’m a regular Bandcamper… It’s the ONLY camping I do… :tent:

“People Who Died” by the Jim Carroll Band, covered by the Drive-By Truckers on “Alabama Ass Whuppin’.”


Wood Brothers do a few great covers…

Fixing a Hole (Beatles)
Midnight Rider (Allman Bros)

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Popped up on my best of Dale playlist, The Monkees Last Train to Clarksville.

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YES to that one

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I love Bad Manners cover of Midnight Rider.