Best quality sound advice for a newer cheap system.

Hello, I’m relatively new to the world of high-fidelity audio. I’ve acquired a few items so far, and I’m looking to upgrade to better-quality equipment. I recently bought a Cyrus 8 amp with a PXSR power supply, which is known for being detailed and fast. I also have a Myryad T40 preamp and T60 power amp setup, which has a warm sound. I switch between these setups using a source switch and an amp switch. My current DAC is a cheap £30 Chinese model, and I also have a secondhand Sony SADC for £40 and a secondhand Marantz CD player for £50. All my sources are budget-friendly.

I use my TV’s WiFi to stream from YouTube Premium. I’m wondering where I should invest my budget for the best quality improvement.

By the way, I have Monitor Audio Bronze and Q Acoustics 3050i speakers with all QED cables and QED Silver bi-wire cables, which I used to run the Monitor Audios in a bi-amp setup. However, now I just use one amp set up for each speaker, not bi amps.

I have a limited budget and I’m unsure whether to just use my CDs (of which I have over 400) or invest in a streaming solution. I’d like to find an option that is affordable but still comparable to my system.

I know my current system is not the best, but I simply love music and enjoy listening to my setup. I guess that’s all that matters, but even so, I notice significant differences when switching between YouTube music and CDs. It would be great to have something that could elevate the quality once again.

I consider myself a budget-conscious audio enthusiast, so thank you for any advice.

I little a better system downstairs but that is for another day:)

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Depending on what route you want to go, either an Eversolo DMP-A6 or DMP-A8 would get you into the world of streaming, and you could also get into the world of high-resolution downloads by either adding a hard drive to the A6 or A8 or simply connect a thumb drive (with downloaded music on it) to the usb type A port to be able to play DSD256.
The other option is a better quality cd player with a newer DAC.
Since you seem to have concerns regarding budget, Panasonic has an all-in-one player with a newer DAC that also plays DSD256.

Best advice I can share is to learn how to setup your speakers correctly. Paul/PS Audio has books and CDs for this. But there are plenty of Youtube vids no this topic.

Save up a bit and buy a second-hand DS Sr. DAC with a Bridge II network card.

Use one of your disc spinners as a Transport.

You will get a big upgrade for you disc spinning and have the foundation for an excellent streaming set up.

My $0.02.


Depending on your personal definition of limited budget the biggest bang for the buck in terms of getting into streaming and a better DAC would be as Paul said the Eversolo DMP-A6.

Eversolo and a DS mk1 both great ideas. But even more budget friendly might be a used Bluesound Node 2i, and a subscription to Tidal. Tidal Connect works great with BluOS. Additionally I’m sure the DAC in the Bluesound will best your $30 DAC. Tidal ($11/month) will sound way better than YouTube.

NODE 2i’s seem to be going for around $300 on the used market. A bargain.


First: Welcome!

Second: I’m no expert. And I am way more budget than you are! :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t wired be better than WiFi?
And, something other than YT for your streaming source?
Even Apple Music?


Care to elaborate?

For many audiophiles who truly love music, the upgrading of their audio system is an ever evolving process. It’s never cheap or inexpensive since once you have the bug there is always it seems, some way to save up the resources for the next step.

My counsel is to open up the world of “higher resolution” streaming from Qubuz or Tidal by investing in a nice streamer. Take a look at the Bluesound or other nice options. Though not inexpensive, they don’t break the bank either and with great audio performance they open the door to literally millions of songs for very little costly monthly fees. The convenience is unbeatable and the ability to develop your own play lists without building a music service is to many, priceless.

I would be remiss in making sure you have properly designed, well made and tested cables. You might look at our thread on this forum or visit the website.

My .2-cents. Good luck and above all, enjoy the “music.”


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I’ve been very happy with my Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra and Pre Box S2 Digital combo, with an ethernet connection and a good cable connecting the two boxes. The Pro-Ject combo can handle both hi res and DSD.

I agree with others that getting a subscription to Tidal or Qobuz, plus a decent streamer, is the way to go. The sound quality is up to (and sometimes better than) CDs or SACDs in my system. The Pro-Ject interface is a bit wonky, and that is one reason I also have Roon. Happy upgrading!

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Knowing your budget and your sonic priorities would be helpful. At the budget end the BlueSound Node is an easy recommendation and if you don’t mind used. It can be had at a reasonable price, typically less than $300. The user interface is a breeze in my experience. A second option is to purchase a refurbished PS Audio DirectStream DAC Sr. Mk 1. I have no experience with the Bridge so have no opinion on it other than it is a bit long in tooth. Personally, I’d stretch financially for the PS Audio DAC, as it is a bargain at the moment and sounds wonderful.

Direct Stream DAC


I second weedeewop’s suggestion. Get a outstanding DAC like the DS Sr. first, but don’t get it with the Bridge. Any built in streaming will compromize the sound like my experience with the Esoteric N01XD. Then look for a good streamer and, or disc spinner. That is how I started in this amazing journey in high end audio.

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Based on what you’ve described I completely agree with the Blue Sound Node recommendations. The only limitations, if it matters to you, is no native DSD support. If you’re interested in Roon and ripping your CD collection Roon won’t recognize the Vault storage. I don’t consider my system to be high end and neither has been a limitation so far.

Bluesound all day long.

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There’s a sale on an Auralic G1 Streamer/Dac/Preamp at Parts Connexion right now.