Quality Sound from?

What’s most important for best quality sound ?
In Separate devices
Is it the Pre ?
Is it the Power?
If I want to improve the sound, Do I need a better Pre or Power Amp ?

Audio is like a chain! All the links must be strong. Sometimes a minor tweak does the trick. What system do you work with, and what sound quality are you trying to improve?

A/V : Mcintosh MX123 Processor, Mcintosh MC255 Power Amp 5.1, Focal Electra 926 Speakers, AudioQuest cables ( Including thunder power cable )
I’d like to improve stereo mode in the A/V processor and guard my devices

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You have a very good multichannel setup.

  • What do you use as a source for stereo playback?
  • What to you use for incoming power cleanup / stabilization or otherwise?
  • How do you rate your room in terms of dimensions, damping, or liveliness?
  • Is your stereo listening seat located well for the purpose?

Stereo source:
Spotify, Apple AirPlay 2, 2 channel stereo movie.
Power guard: Old Furman elite-10e i power conditioner
6x6 meters living room with Audyssey setup.
When hearing stereo I’m sitting in a lazy-boy recliner

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Hi Ronen, this is excellent. So you had the room calibrated for your speakers. Please check this: https://www.psaudio.com/room-calculator/

For stereo music, I recommend having a streamer and a subscription to either Qobuz or Tidal. I am thinking of Pro-Ject, Roon, Roon Nucleus+, Auralic, and Grimm Audio depending whether you wish to go elaborate or keep it simple.

To improve stereo imaging, timbre and detail in both music and movie playback, you may try a power plant from PS Audio. There’s almost a consensus clean power is the single most important upgrade people had, me included.
Happy listening.

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Thanks very much indeed for your help!

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