Best speaker under $10K, for a smaller room (Condo living room)


You need to listen to Harbeth speakers. They are all very good - I have the smallest P3ESR and top-but-one SHL5+ Anniversary model. They may all look like old-fashioned boxes but they have a neutral, transparent sound that is totally involving.


Focal Sopra 2. Fantastic speaker.


I’ve had good luck with Monitor Audio Gold speakers. Mine are a couple of versions back, but they have performed flawlessly. Kind of plain looking, but the sound is nice. Price points at several different levels.


Upscale Audio has these on blowout right now…


I’ve never seen nor heard the Kii Three, but that would be on my very short list if I was in your domestic situation (which I might be at some point). They’re above your price-point, but the built in electronics obviate a lot of other gear that you could sell/retire. Small, capable of high levels and deep bass according to reviews, and they use DSP to manage a lot of what you deal with in limited space.


There are lots of suggestions, but honestly, speakers are the biggest variable in a system so you can’t call anything “best”. So many variables that you can’t rely on someone else’s opinion unless you really (intimately?) know their system, their room, and their listening preferences. In other words, not likely. The best thing you could do is go to an audio show and look/listen to a lot of speakers to get an idea what sounds and looks right to you. Of course the rooms at shows usually suck, but two out of three ain’t bad! Good luck!


Yes agree. Even interconnects and AC power can make a set of identical speakers sound remarkably different :slight_smile:


PSB Imagine T3 has had a lot of positive mention from all the major mags and reviewers.


No bass? That’s certainly a minority opinion; not saying it’s a WRONG opinion (no such thing as a wrong opinion other than rooting for the Chicago North Side Baseball Team or the GB Packers), just a minority one.

And if you feel that’s the case, add a nice REL sub (or two) and invest the savings on a DirectStream DAC or a Power Plant. There’s a reason Sterophile ranks them a class A (restricted LF) despite their low cost. They just sound stellar no matter what music you throw at them. And at $999 they’re a STEAL.


The LS50 is a remarkable buy. Wonderful, inexpensive speakers.

But –6dB at 47Hz and -3dB at 79Hz is significantly restricted bass. This means, for example, the lowest E string on a bass guitar or on an upright bass are reproduced with only one half of their actual energy. They need a good sub-woofer to fully reproduce the majority of recorded music.


That’s why I have a sub. :slight_smile:


I bet the sound is superb.


Speaking of inexpensive speakers, I picked up a set of the ELAC Debut B6.2s last week for $150. Probably the best bargain I’ve ever found on speakers. That being said, those were bought specifically for my Sprout and a near-wall installation thanks to the front reflex port. I’m a happy camper.


Fell in love with them at a store in Brazil, unfortunately not at 100% since apparently no config / fine tuning had been applied. I can’t even begin to grasp how these would sound like if I’d be able to tailor it (DSP) to my room’s characteristics and my personal taste. Seriously tempted to get a pair.



Yeah, they look great. I did casually listened to them a cpl of mos ago, but must audition properly. Do you like those or the Kanta series? Kanta maybe too big though!


Yes. My own speakers sound better than LS50 as I said earlier. LS50 really lacks bass every time I auditioned them.


I’ve heard of them and saw Darko did a review of them but I’m a bit hesitant to get a DSP speaker.


True but last time I was at a show, it was super confusing with zillions of options. What I wanna do is to narrow it all down to a few options then either listen to them at Axpona, or local dealers.


These speakers look quite interesting, and they’ve received much praise from reviewers and customers alike.