Tiny speakers: Part 2!

I know everyone was done looking at the former thread. I wanted to bring up something that might interest some people. You all know I am a stickler for uber high end audio. Enter super good quality inexpensive audio IMO!

I once briefly had my end game bedroom setup and did not share because I do not honestly remember where it went. I do not care at all for Amphions Argon 3 ‘S’’. I feel he cut cost way too much thus grossly affecting sound. I once had but for a moment the original Argon 3. Half the size of my new Kef’s. I honestly just forgot about this. I also had a REL Q108 MK II. It honestly went to 10HZ! The T-Zero struggles to make 30HZ.

So anyways, as I remember these speakers were half the size of my new Kef’s. The workmanship of the cabinets was 100%. The sound was honestly sublime. From memory now, Much better than the Kef’s even. The one very cool thing I thing was there was no axis at all. You could move anywhere and get the same exact stereo image. From my memory, the short time I had them I really thought they were perfect.

Here is the reason I am bringing this up. A search of the last 2 years of Audiogon closed sales suggests these go for about $1000.00-$1350.00. The sub goes for $200-$500. I would not pay $500 for the sub unless you really want it because I think it was only $800 brand new. The only thing the sub may need is a new surround which is about $75 installed.

I just thought this level of sound for this price(if they come up) may be of interest to someone.

Another thing without starting another thread. The Classe CAP-2100 Integrated amp is perfect to drive them. It was about $7,000 new. Average used price only $1500.00!

Here you get a cheap stereo that brings down mountains.

See, I am not a complete snob after all.

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