Best strategy on where to place your best power cords

Read somewhere that your best power cords should go on the source components. I previously had my lowest quality power cord on the DMP, so I swapped it with higher quality power cord on the BHK 250, which made a substantial improvement in transparency and resolution. Wish I had come across this information sooner. Just curious if others have had similar results by using their best power cord on source components? I thought for sure the transport would benefit the least from placing the best cord on it.

I’m sure this will be a very debated topic.

Imo power cords always matter…but, in saying that(again imo) component power cables do not need to be massive gauge like amplifier power cords should. Imo component power cables should be at least 14 gauge, shielded, made of 100% copper (or more conductive material) and have good connectors. If you have those boxes checked you should be good to go imo.

What power cables are people using for their DMPs and DSD Srs?

I use Siltech SPX-800’s on my PWT and DSD. Dead silent and warm.

FWIW, the greatest improvement I have noticed with power cords on components
has been in this order…DAC SR / P20 / DMP / BHK 300 / BHK PRE. All now have the
same 15a cord and the P20 has a 20a. What little I know, it seem that gear that
operates in the digital domain can benefit from cords with noise reduction and
generally speaking, each designer deals with dirty power differently.

The DMP and the DSD are both using Virtual Dynamics Nite II power cords. I moved my least expensive power cord to the BHK 250 which is a Virtual Dynamics Audition cord. Hard to believe, but even the bass improved placing the lesser cord on the amp. I’m pretty sure both VD power cords are the same gauge. The higher quality Nite cords just have more shielding and use stonger magnets. One thing this experiment proves is how much influence power cords have on sound quality.

Wow. This is amazing to me. I’ve got my best cords on amp / pre. I’m gonna have to have a look at this.

My cable choices are in my profile.

I’m very much on the budget end of power cables compared to others here…I may upgrade in the future but am happy with the results I’m getting at this time.

Stay happy and don’t fret over better cords and or gear. The endless pursuit of audio perfection, which I’ve discovered, can get out of hand, and diminish one’s appreciation of the music.


Good advice…now off to find the Holy Grail.

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That was my strategy. I didn’t think the transport, which just sends 0’s and 1’s to the DAC, would benefit so much from having a better power cord on it. Go figure.

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I don’t think you can generalize where to put what power cords to where. I have a mixture of many different brands and I just mix and match and move them in around and listen. If I’m not satisfy on how they sound, I move them around again until I find the sound I want. In my case, usually the warmer and fuller sounding cords sounds best with the source components and the sharper and brighter cords with the pre and power amps. I like to mix different cords to balance the sound. Using all the same cords put too much signature of that cord to the sound, like when I use all Pangea’s, that’s all I hear in my system, so I mix them. For me, cords act like tone controls. They all have a signature.

I’m not, I’m just relaying what I discovered in my system, and posing the question to others out of curiosity.

Jury’s out on it for me as well. I’ve had what I think were significant changes happen with various changes of cable, but I can’t say that I’ve rigorously tested those observations, as I’m not really into turning stuff on and off/unplugging and replugging to do A/B’ing.

Another theory is “full loom”, and though that has a certain mental appeal, I could just as easily see it as a manufacturer marketing ploy. Plus it is a large monetary investment to test it out.

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I’ve concluded that no one really knows what they’re talking about and you just have to try for yourself.
For example, I think I can comfortably say that the thinking on digital is that power cable gauge doesn’t matter. But when I plug a hefty Shunyata Alpha NR into my DMP, I can hear a richer, fuller, more pleasant sound that for me, is worth the investment.
And my power amp and preamp are the least sensitive to power cable changes, which also conflicts with popular “wisdom”.


Definitely agree with the first sentence. Seems like adopting one strategy or another is adopting a Belief until you try it with your components/in your system.

If I were to offer a recent possible feeling with regard to “the thinking on digital is that power cable gauge doesn’t matter”… I have some of the NRG 8ga. 5 Nines copper jobs and a couple of the Shunyata Delta NRs which are 10ga. It is the Shunyatas I’m tempted to get a lot more of. But why that is, is complicated and also has to do with things other than sound.

Just realized I do have three Venoms as well, so I could sorta do a semi-full-loom test (or at least, all in the Family Test) with 5 components.

I had some squirrely-ness going on with static on the SPP with an NRG powering it, and switching to a Delta “fixed it” AFAICT. But I haven’t felt motivated to put the NRG back to try and get the issue to reoccur…

Was over at PS the other day, and they have this 4’ high stack of AQ Dragons🙄. Three of them probably exceeds the cost of my entire system😝

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Do you think they’d notice one missing??



Shhhhh…don’t tell anybody.


That’s pretty much what I heard, and all it took was a little experimenting. I’d like to have higher end power cords on everything, but for now, it’s good to know where the best ones make the biggest difference.

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So, here’s a fairly easy answer to your Thread Question: The DSD or DMP seem to be sensitive to AC cables, and in most systems, handle the primary digital and/or more than one source.

One of the other primary spots (if you have one) is on a Regen or other power distro device, as it is feeding everything.

But I’d say that Ron’s Rule still applies ; )

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To take it step further I would recommend passive noise filtering cables like Shunyata Delta NR which are not a lot of money compared to other cable options. I use an NR cable on the DSD and Siltech SPX-800 on the BHK Pre and my PW Transport. I use large gauge power cables (4.5 gauge) on the BHK 300’s the P5 and my Furutech E-TP609 NCF power distributor. They have no NR function just pure power delivery.

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