Where to put the best power cord?

After the regenerator, which gets the best power cord, and ignoring the amps (not an option in my system), where should I put my second best power cord:
Matrix power supply (Farad)?
Streamer (Lumin U1)?
Preamp (Plinius Tautoro)?

Thank you for sharing your experience.

The DSD responded better than my preamp to cords. I suspect due to a smaller Power Supply. I would compare those two.

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If the other components mentioned are connected to ( get their power from ) the Matrix powersupply it’s the most sense to get the second best pc on the Matrix.
I.m.o. your not getting the best out of your powercord if the one earlier connected is a lesser quality.

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Get 3 of the best power cables:
1 for preamp
1 for your each of your sources

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They do make a very good improvement…That’s how I got
into the power cable upgrade path. It started with my preamp…
that alone was a wow enough for me to do a whole loom.

Wall to regenerator to power amp, to sources…and
together the combined synergy is very very good.


My renerator P5 has not enough plugs so my best power cords (I don’t plug it to the generator) goes to… my dectet