Best USB Cable under $7

When I am listening to my favorite music on my iPad, I find the USB cable to be very important. So I have been trying moderately expensive cables to see which adds the most to the music. Today I am trying the FunBoi Savior - Hans Solo Edition. It set me back $6.39 before shipping. It features ever changing colored strobe light effects.

The effects draw me into a zone where I can really focus. On something.

The first album I listened to with the new cable, fresh out of the sandwich bag it is carefully packed in was:

Dumpster Juice - That Not So Fresh Feeling

Singer Rowland makes a point to eat a bowl of Chili while singing each song. With this awesome cable you can easily pick out the softer brown beans from the firmer black beans.

By song 3 when the inevitable flatulence occurs the sustain really sets the mood.

Next I chose a long favorite:

The Shaggs - Philosophy of the World

With this cable I can clearly hear the tense desperation these girls have thinking they might disappoint their father who knows they are better than the Beatles.

Maybe you can suggest another cable that might be even better?


You are my hero! Always willing to jump off the diving board before checking if there is water in the pool.

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These might be a little more audiophile sounding

I would miss the color strobe effects though.

It’s all about the sound so the flashy stuff doesn’t distract from the vibe.

Not to mention they are $1.30 over @aangen’s budget. You know how he hates to spend money on cables.

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For me it’s all about the flashy stuff.
And great music!

“USBezos” cables?


100% 0.999999 Silver. Colored.

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I must have ignored the over the top price looking for the utmost performance. And that extremely limited lifetime guarantee.


Glow in the dark. Can be used to control pesky rodents and their kin.



I’ll have to talk to my wife before I spend that much.


I do like the fact that @Palouse’s cables come out to be $6.66 each. There’s something poetic about this.


Forget the cable and use AirPlay. Cost $0.00.

The cable is to charge the iPad.

My iPad came with a cable and charger.

As we use some i-devices here, there is a brand on Amazon called TUMABER that does a 3-pack of 10 foot long iPhone usb cables for £16 and $21 in USA. A few cents over budget, but a much more practical length.

Point missed, as always.


Stealth make one and throw in a free iPad. No Toblerone CD player today?

apparently the dog humps while it charges, but I see that it is micro usb only. no lightning. Sorry.


But does it cost less than $7.00 US?