USB Cable Decisions - Budget Parameters

I’ve been using a $50 Pangea USB cable for the last few years with my NuWave DSD and I’m considering an upgrade.

I realize @Paul highly recommends Curious cables but those are outside of my budget. I would like to avoid Audioquest because I’m cynical about that company.

What do you recommend for $150?

Been using it for years. A couple of reviewers use it as a standard. About 4 or 5 years ago I read a cable review of year and the reviewer said his preferred cable was some $500 Chord cable, but admitted this $50 cable did the job just as well.

Between your NuWave and what?

Macbook Air with only a base install and Roon Bridge.

I’d suggest a Wireworld Starlight 8 USB 3.0. $100 or so for the .6 meter and $130 or so for the 1M. Killer USB cable.


I second that suggestion.

@kerosene I have Atlas Element USB SC. Paid EUR 129 for the 5 m version. It is a hak of a cable.

I’m leaning toward the Wireworld Starlight 8 USB 3.0.

Some serious shit going on here. These are silver-clad also. I love Wireworld! Not only do they have a unique design that makes sense, they use really good materials. And their performance backs it up.

So how is it?