Best way to connect a subwoofer or subwoofers

Hi, all (especially Paul)!

I’ve been watching the “Ask Paul” videos on YouTube and in two of them, he mentioned that his preferred way to connect a subwoofer in a two-channel system is to use high-level/speaker-level connections from the power amp to the sub, assuming the sub has high-level inputs. My questions:

  1. Assuming your subwoofer has both high-level inputs and outputs, how would you wire in the main speakers? From the power amp as well, or from the sub’s high-level outputs?

  2. If you want to use two (or more) subwoofers in the system, what would be the optimal way to wire them, both for subs with and without high-level outputs (assuming high-level inputs on both, of course)?

Thanks! Love the videos, but Paul didn’t really elaborate on the wiring beyond saying that you should use high-/speaker-level outputs from the power amp. :slight_smile:


  1. The main speakers are wired in the normal way. There just happens to be wires going from the amp to the subwoofer as well.

  2. Wire one sub to the amplifier’s left channel; the second, to the right.

Great, thanks! Simpler than I thought. :slight_smile:

On a somewhat related note, would this also be the recommended way to connect a sub or subs to the Sprout 100 integrated amp, which as I understand only accepts banana plug speaker connectors? It has an RCA subwoofer output.

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I prefer using the high level input of a sub when available so I would go the same way with the Sprout.

But the Sprout has a summed output mono subwoofer out. If you have only one sub with a single channel input this may be the way to go as you will get all bass signals to the sub, regardless if they are on the left or right channel.

This way worked the very best for me. I am not changing this process for my subs. It’s a keeper.

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I don’t do it this way. I connect both L and R channel from pre-amp to subwoofer A input, and subwoofer A output to L and R input of subwoofer B. i.e. daisy chain them, so they both receive identical line signals.

And about using high level I/O of subwoofer. To be clear, the power amp is connected to the subwoofer high input, and the subwoofer high output is then connected to the speakers.

subwoofer to speakers is appropriate if you are using a sub’s high pass filter. Otherwise I suggest connecting both the sub and speakers directly to the amp.

I bet it will sound better the I set it up. Well worth the investment. I have tried a few ways. The way I mentioned is similar to the REL sub prefer way. Ask Paul.

I’ve got my Jensen integrated in the past few days. Best $200 spent on bass, ever.

I run dual Rythmik servo sealed 12", they have no high level input. They also serve HT duty via LFE from Anthem AVR.

Awesome. I love this connection type by far than any other way I have tried. A true game changer.

Elk, if I understand you correctly, you would have 2 pairs of wires hooked to the same output of the amp. One would lead to the sub and the other to the speaker. That is, sub and speaker would be connected in parallel to the same output of the amp. Is that it?

Yes, two pairs of wires hooked to the same amplifier outputs (one positive, one negative).

So, I did the following. Connected my first sub (HSU STF-2) via the second high level outputs of the PSA Stellar S300 amp. Since the HSU has high level outputs also, then daisy chained to the second VTF2 Mk5 HSU sub. Don’t have individual base management of the subs as I did before incorporating the GCSD/S300, but I think I can live with that…

ELK, when you make the connections you mentioned, does that change the ohms to 4 because the speakers & Sub are wired in parallel?

No, because the sub’s high level input is a high input impedance. The amp is merely providing a signal to the subwoofer, not powering it. Very little current goes from the amp to the sub.

Just to follow up what Elk stated. If the subwoofer was passive, without it’s own amplifier, then yes the impedance would be lower and one would need to be careful the amp could handle it. I don’t believe there are very many passive subs around anymore.

Very good class D amps made them go away.

An important clarification. Thanks

Thank you!

Hi folks. New guy here with new guy dumb questions. I am using RCA outputs from my pre-amp to sub and would like to experiment with connecting directly from amp as suggested. Here is the question. Do I cut the RCA connector from the cable and make the bare wire connection to the amp (I could get crazy and solder a connector)? That’s what I conclude as the solution but really am clueless.

In order to direct connect the speaker wire from power amp to a sub, the sub needs to have so called “high level input” or “speaker input” here is from the user manual of my sub.

Here is AskPaul’s video on sub connection, he explained this at the very end of the video (~6:40)