Connect Sprout to Subwoofer


I’m receiving the sprout Monday and have a question on connecting it to a subwoofer. Of the cables I see for RCA tend to be two cables but my sub mwoofer is a single connection. Can someone help me figure out what type of cable I need to connect the sprouts on my sub? Thanks very much!

Welcome to the forum. What kind of connection is it on the sub? if there is only one it might be a LFE connection intended for a receiver/surround processor that has that kind of output which has already gone through a crossover so it’s only putting out the low end. The Sprout’s audio out is a stereo mini-jack so you would need a mini-jack to RCA cable or adaptor. It put’s out a full range signal. You could try using either the left or right RCA jacks but I don’t know what will happen if you plug a full range signal into an LFE input, if that is what it is. You should check you subwoofer’s manual.

Thanks. It’s a Dayton Audio SUB-1200, and it has 2 RCA inputs on it, but it can also take a single RCA connection which is how I currently have my AVR connected to it.

Unless I’m mistaken, the Sprout has a 3.5 MM out connection for a subwoofer. I haven’t seen any mini to single RCA cables online. Only minis to 2 RCAs. I assume that means that I should use a connection like this one, but wanted to make sure that was the best thing for it. Thanks again!

Exactly. Just get the 3.5mm to RCA pair and plug them both into the subwoofer. The reason the sub has this arrangement is so you can use it as a mono sub, where it combines left and right (that’s what you want) or as a single sub, just playing the left or right when you have two subs.